Moon Knight: Here's How to Get Free Comics While Watching the Show

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Other than the ton of Easter eggs scattered within the show, Moon Knight has something for the fans especially those who read as there are hidden free comics within the episodes that anyone can get just by scanning it. It seems that Marvel is taking a huge step by secretly inserting these codes into the runs and here is how to get it while watching.

Here's How to Get Free Comics While Watching Moon Knight.

Moon Knight: Here's How to Get Free Comics While Watching the Show
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Credit: Marvel Studios
Moon Knight: Here's How to Get Free Comics While Watching the Show

It’s like treasure hunting, but this time, it is for free Moon Knight comics. Marvel Studios is taking a big step into secretly adding comics in the show and those who will be able to spot it can get free comics! Curious fans were able to decode this by testing QR codes that are found within each episode and it actually works.

These are the scenes where you can see the QR codes: in Episode 1, The Goldfish Problem, when Steven got to work, he saw a student looking at the artifacts in the museum and he pointed a sarcophagus enclosed in glass while teaching the student some knowledge about ancient Egyptian culture. On the left side of the display is a QR Code on the wall and once scanned, it leads to a free Werewolf by Night #32 issue.

In Episode 2, Summon the Suit, another QR code is seen when Steven Grant looks for where the storage unit is that matches the key that he found in a panel on his ceiling along with a phone. The storage unit manager takes him to unit #43 and the QR Code sits beside the number of the storage and it gives those who scan it Werewolf by Night #33. These comics tell the story of Moon Knight being the Fist of Khonshu to take down Jack Russel, the werewolf.

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Given that there are six episodes in the show, fans are now keen in looking for these QR codes embedded within the episodes in hopes of getting six free comic books. What a fun way to do treasure hunting while watching the show!

Moon Knight Episode 3 is slated to release on April 13, 2022 via Disney Plus so be sure to look for these QR codes to get more free comics!

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