Moon Knight: Is Steven Grant and Marc Spector the Same Person?

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Embrace the chaos with Moon Knight, the first series of Marvel for this year and it recently dropped the official trailer of the show which gave fans an idea of what is about to arrive. However, for some, confusion leads to questions on some things such as whether Steve Grant and Marc Spector are the same person as Oscar Isaac plays them both.

Is Steven Grant and Marc Spector the Same Person in Moon Knight?

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Credit: Marvel Studios
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Moon Knight recently released a trailer and many are baffled on a lot of things such as the villain in the show, when will it come out, how would he be connected to the MCU and the likes. The list goes on and on as the excitement for the upcoming series continues now that a release date has been given and fans may now mark their calendars.

It was an intense trailer! It starts with Steven Grant who is in some kind of sleep experiment called Staying Awake where he tells he has a sleeping disorder where he couldn’t tell whether he is dreaming or if he is awake. He even had his foot chained to the bed and he proceeds to where he works, a gift shop, where a lady tells him he is useless.

At one point, he found a phone and when he called, a woman was extremely worried about her but what baffled him most is that she called her Marc. There, he realized he has a dissociative identity disorder where Marc Spector, a mercenary, shares his body with him.

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See, in the comics, it is Marc Spector who has the dominance over the person that Oscar Isaac would be playing; Steven Grant was just one of his aliases or something like another persona inside him. However, in the series, it seems that Steven Grant lives a separate life without knowing that Marc Spector is also sharing the same body with him.

It’s quite complicated, having a dissociative identity disorder, and for Steven here, he isn’t aware of the persona of Marc that whilst being in the same body, they are two different personas. In the end, once Steven embraced the chaos, he transforms, thus, becoming Moon Knight.

See how all these would transpire in Moon Knight on March 30, 2022, exclusively on Disney Plus.