Fanservice Moments in Attack on Titan

Fanservice Moments in Attack on Titan Annie
Credit: Wit Studio

Fanservice Moments in Attack on Titan Annie
Credit: Wit Studio

Fanservice is rare in a dark and action-packed anime like Attack on Titan, but when it does occur, the internet goes crazy. Thank you for bringing Attack on Titan's fanservice moments to life, Wit Studio and MAPPA!

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  1. Annie Teaches Eren How to Fight

    Eren and Annie have always had chemistry, or tension, to put it another way.

    During their time as cadets, Annie made it a point to teach Eren how to use his strength and how to talk to girls.

    We saw Annie take a fighting stance and throw Eren to the ground in an instant.

    It was an iconic scene that will live on in Mikasa's memory, as she saw Eren and Annie so close together.

    If you watch that scene again, you can see Annie attempting to persuade Eren to see her as a woman.

    She not only told Eren to take it easy on her weak body, but she also told him she wasn't nearly as strong as him.

    To top it all off, she charges Eren to the ground, having a skinship between them.

  2. Ymir Wakes Up in the Paths

    When Ymir awoke naked in the paths, gazing at the beautiful night sky, it was one of the most liberating scenes in Attack on Titan.

    It was an exhilarating scene that will give anyone goosebumps and make them wish they could experience something similar in their lifetime.

    This demonstrates Ymir's beauty, despite her unfortunate backstory.

    From the outside, Ymir appears tough, strong, and intimidating, but she is just an innocent girl, a victim of unfortunate circumstances like her founder.

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  3. Eren and Annie’s Titan Fight

    The battle between Eren and Annie's titan forms should not be on the list, but there are a lot of fanservice moments in their fight.

    Eren's Attack Titan goes berserk in Episode 25, while Annie's Female Titan tries to escape through the walls.

    Eren made sure to tackle Annie and go on top of her before she could make a run for it.

    It was a tense moment, but fans couldn't help but ship the Attack Titan and the Female Titan together seeing how good they look in the anime.

  4. Annie’s Crotch Shot

    Annie's crystal broke when Eren used the powers of the Founding Titan to undo the titan's hardening, and she awoke after four years of slumber.

    Annie's first move was to sneak off everyone's back, only to threaten Hitch with her Titan transformation.

    Hitch manages to throw Annie down and turn the tables on her because she is too weak considering her situation.

    That’s when MAPPA decides to animate and show Annie’s crotch, which fans liked and disliked given the gravity of their current situation.

  5. Naked Zeke

    This is the moment in Attack on Titan when you should not let your parents into your room.

    Zeke emerges from the titan's body naked after seeing the Paths and spending time with Ymir.

    As he walks away from the pile of bones, it's as if Zeke was given birth by a titan.

    While Hange appears terrified, Floch and the others appear to be used to it.

    Regardless, there's no denying Zeke is a fine specimen of a man.

  6. Topless Characters

    Is it considered fanservice in Attack on Titan to see Eren, Armin, Levi, Reiner, or even Zeke topless? Maybe, but many topless scenes in Attack on Titan aren't really intended for fanservice; they just happen to work.

    Remember the scene in the underground chapel near the Reiss family estate where Eren is bound and gagged?

    Remember when Zeke Yeager emerges topless from the Beast Titan's nape?

    What about the time Levi was injured and Hange put him to sleep? Perhaps all of the male characters in Attack on Titan have perfectly toned abs, especially the Scouts who rely on their core to use their 3D maneuver gear.

  7. Pieck Crawls on the Floor

    Imagine seeing Pieck, everyone's best girl, crawling on the floor early in the morning. You'll almost certainly have the same surprised expression as Porco.

    Pieck decides to crawl on the floor one morning because she enjoys the sensation.

    She is the Cart Titan, and it's only natural for her to feel comfortable walking this way on the floor in her human form.

    Fans claim that Marley was on the verge of losing Porco's Jaw Titan yet again, this time due to death from a heart attack after seeing Pieck crawling on the floor.

  8. Krista Lenz Rips Her Skirt For Reiner

    Reiner really needs to stop lusting after a married woman! In this iconic scene, Historia, aka Krista Lenz, rips a portion of her skirt to assist Reiner in caring for his arm wound.

    Reiner injured his arm while stopping a titan from attacking them during the episode in Utgard Castle.

    It was just his luck, and Historia decides to do everything she can think of at the time to help Reiner.

    Historia, as the goddess she is, uses a part of her skirt as a bandage for Reiner's arm.

    We all knew at that point that Reiner was neither a warrior nor a soldier, but simply a man with a dream of one day marrying Historia.

  9. Mikasa’s Perfectly Toned Abs

    The audience sees Mikasa in action in Attack on Titan OVA 2: Another Story of the 104th Trainee Squad, but not in the field fighting titans, but in her quarters doing some basic workouts.

    While Jean and Sasha are engaged in an intense cook-off battle, Mikasa is stretching and boxing training.

    Mikasa's perfectly toned abs are a huge treat for fans as she does crunches.

    Some argue that this scene only proves that when Eren and Mikasa decide to marry, Mikasa will wear the suit and Eren will wear the dress.

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