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10 Best Food in Attack on Titan

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Attack on Titan has given emphasis to food throughout its run. Even if we don’t acknowledge it, we need to face the harsh reality that humans are being eaten by titans in the anime. Hence, they are classified as titan food. Even if someone argues that the titans don’t have any means of processing humans in their bellies, humans are still ingested inside their filthy mouths like animal meat. After all, humans are the most advanced form of animal.

Admit it, Attack on Titan is a show about food, whether we like it or not. Jokes aside, the anime has featured some of the best-animated food throughout its run. With that, we have compiled the 10 Best Food in Attack on Titan to spice up your day. Get ready for some mouth-watering snacks and cuisine from the islands of Paradis and Marley!

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  1. Jean's Omelet

    In Episode 3.25 of the second Attack on Titan OVA, Jean and Sasha have a cook-off to settle the prior argument between their respective squads. Jean’s team is composed of Armin and Annie, while Sasha has Connie and Reiner.

    Jean decides to cook a homemade omelet that is inspired by his mom’s cooking. Upon tasting, Dot Pixis, the acting judge, feels a nostalgic, calm, and sweet sensation from the flavors of the omelet. As the cook off concludes, Jean defeats Sasha with his delectable homemade omelet.

  2. Sasha's Steak

    In order to defeat Jean in the cook-off, Sasha and her squad decide to roam the forest and hunt for the colossal wild boar. In an intense hunting rivalry between Sasha and Jean, she manages to take down the colossal wild boar with her 100% accurate archery skills.

    Confident and proud, Sasha prepares the best steak she will ever make in her life with the best ingredients she can find. Upon tasting, Dot Pixis transforms into a titan due to the savory flavor and texture of the steak. However, Sasha’s grand steak lost to Jean’s homemade omelet.

  3. Eren's Bread

    In Season 1, we often see Eren eating a piece of bread alongside Armin and Mikasa. However, Eren’s bread in the above photo looks much more delicious than the military rations given to them back when they were refugees.

    Perhaps what makes it more appealing is how it is prepared with soup, not to mention the timing of the moment. If everyone can remember, this scene is from the time Mikasa takes care of Eren.

  4. Sasha's Potato

    The iconic Potato Girl, Sasha, never shies away whenever there’s food in sight. We all know how ridiculous her appetite is, especially for her favorite root crop. No one would be able to stop her once she got her hands on one of them.

    Keith Shadis experienced one of the strangest moments in his life because of Sasha. Back in military training in the first season, he confronted Sasha about her stolen potato from the infantry kitchen. He asked her why she was eating the potato during introductions, to which Sasha responded awkwardly. I bet we all know what happened afterward.

  5. Sasha's Meat

    This time, Sasha has stolen meat from the infantry kitchen! She slid it into her uniform and showed it to the Survey Corps. To the surprise of Eren and the gang, Sasha tells them that she has stolen the meat for everyone to share. It's actually the very first time Sasha has decided to share food.

    In case you missed it, meat is incredibly rare on Paradis Island, so it is not a surprise that Saha decides to steal one from the military’s food reserve. What's more surprising is how she decides to share it.

  6. Marleyan Snacks

    In Season 4, we are welcomed by the snacks being sold at a festival in Marley. The snacks include pizza, strawberry-filled bread, and a Yakisoba-looking bread pan. It was a very refreshing sight to see because we hadn’t seen any of these tasty snacks in Paradis.

    If we were to compare both bloodlines’ food, Marleyan’s is more advanced than Eldians' due to their knowledge and availability of ingredients. Anyway, the scene became more satisfying to watch because Reiner paid for all of the snacks eaten by Gabi and the rest of the candidate warriors.

  7. Braus' Family Dinner

    During one of the episodes of the Final Season of Attack on Titan, we are given the chance to see the Braus household family dinner. Just like any typical family in Paradis, Gabi and Falco together with Sasha's family indulge themselves in a pleasant vegetable soup prepared by Sasha’s mother.

    Although it is painful to watch Gabi eating side by side with the parents of the woman she just murdered, the vegetable soup looks mouth-watering to the point that you want to tell yourself to also cook one. I wish we could, though.

  8. Levi's Coffee

    Although it is a staple drink, Levi’s coffee still looks mouth-watering. Well, the way he holds his cup as he sips his coffee is a magnificent sight to see.

    We can only wonder what it tastes like. Does Levi like his coffee sweet or not? Let us know.

  9. Military Crackers

    The military rations in Attack on Titan are just like the standard rectangular bread, filled with all the necessary nutrients and minerals that a soldier needs to survive.

    Although everyone looks like they don’t like it, perhaps because they are so used to it, notably Jean, it still looks appetizing from your television screen. It’s just like a bar of granola to survive the day.

  10. Niccolo's Cuisine

    Niccolo is a Marleyan soldier who became a chef on Paradis Island. As seen from above, he introduced a lot of different cuisines to the Eldians. He enjoys cooking so much that he decided to put up a restaurant for everyone to experience Marleyan cuisine.

    His love for cooking extends to Sasha’s incredible appetite and passion for food. To Niccolo, Sasha changed him in a way that no one else can.

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