Who are the Titan Shifters?

attack on titan titan shifters

attack on titan titan shifters

Attack on Titan introduced us to human-eating monstrosities known as titans. These titans have lived outside the walls of Paradis for thousands of years until the assault launched by the Colossal Titan and the Armored Titan. As a result, titans marched towards Paradis and catapulted everyone’s nightmare. While there are pure, normal, and abnormal titans, the anime also introduced us to the titan shifters.

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What are Titan Shifters?

Attack on Titan Shifters
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The Titan shifters are those characters that can consciously turn themselves into titans. In a nutshell, they can pilot their titans. Also, they have different characteristics that make them more powerful than any other pure or abnormal titan in the series.

To fully understand the context, we've compiled a list of all the known titan shifters from the anime!


  1. Colossal Titan: Bertolt Hoover and Armin Arlert

    The Colossal Titan stands 60 meters tall and is known as the God of Destruction to Marley. The two known users of the Colossal Titan are Bertolt Hoover and Armin Arlert.

    Bertolt Hoover’s Colossal titan stands 60 meters long and has a humanoid appearance with no skin covering its body. In terms of strength, it has a massive size with the ability to release high-pressure steam and devastating nuclear-like explosions within its range. In terms of disadvantages, it has a slow movement speed and at the same time, a thinning of the body as the usage of high-pressure steam increases.

    Meanwhile, Armin Arlert’s version of the Colossal Titan has a thinner appearance than that of Bertolt. More so, Armin inherited the Colossal titan’s destructive strength, including Bertolt’s memories.

  2. Armored Titan: Reiner Braun

    The Armored Titan stands 15 meters tall with hardened armor-like plates of skin that cover its body. The only known user of the Armored Titan is Reiner Braun. According to the creator of Attack on Titan, Hajime Isayama, the Armored Titan is inspired by Brock Lesnar, an American professional wrestler, and former mixed martial artist.

    Reiner Braun’s Armored Titan has protective armor-like plates that cover and shield its body from a significant amount of damage. The armor can be utilized in both offense and defense due to its great damage and impact on almost anything the titan charges. However, when completely armored, it has a slower movement speed due to its restrained movement and increased weight.

  3. Attack Titan: Eren Kruger, Grisha Yeager, and Eren Yeager

    The Attack Titan stands 15 meters tall and is characterized by its raw strength capability and high endurance during battle. The known shifters of the Attack Titan are Eren Kruger, Grisha Yeager, and Eren Yeager.

    Eren Kruger, also known as “The Owl” was the founder of the Eldian Restorationists who spied among the Marley Authorities. He passed on the power of the Attack Titan to Grisha Yeager in order to help him survive and make it to the outer walls.

    Grisha Yeager’s version of the Attack Titan is notably strong enough to take down Frieda’s Founding Titan. However, it only lasted for a while due to his lack of royal blood and inability to make use of the Founding Titan’s power.

    Eren Yeager inherited the Attack Titan from his father, Grisha Yeager at an early age. According to Hajime Isayama, Eren Yeager’s Attack Titan design is based on Yushin Okami, a Japanese mixed martial artist, while his punching style is based on Akiyo Nishiura, also a Japanese mixed martial artist and kickboxer. Fun fact: an anime-only version of Eren’s Attack Titan was in berserk mode when he fought Annie Leonhart’s Female Titan.

    The Attack Titan specializes in its speed of regeneration, high endurance, enhanced strength, and future memory inheritance.

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  4. Female Titan: Annie Leonhart

    The Female Titan stands 14 meters tall and is characterized by its ability to easily manifest the powers of the other titans. It can also summon other titans with its scream, as well as harden certain parts of its body for protection.

    The only known user of the Female Titan is Annie Leonhart. She is dubbed by the Marleyans as an all-purpose unit, capable in every area. She is also the first titan shifter able to form an indestructible crystal around her human form. According to the databook, Annie Leonhart’s fighting style resembles Muay Thai.

  5. Beast Titan: Tom Ksaver and Zeke Yeager

    The Beast titan exhibits an animal-like appearance that depends on its inheritors. Previous holders of the power include crocodiles, birds, rabbits, dinosaurs, goats, and monkey-like traits. The known shifters of its power are Tom Ksaver and Zeke Yeager.

    Tom Ksaver is Zeke Yeager’s friend, mentor, and the first known inheritor of the Beast Titan. His version of the Beast Titan resembles that of a bighorn sheep. However, he thought poorly of himself, saying that his beast titan was not very useful in battle.

    On the other hand, Zeke Yeager’s version of the Beast Titan is extremely useful in battle, as shown in the anime. His beast titan stands 17 meters tall and has powerful abilities like titan control, pitching assault, communication, regeneration, and fighting skills.

  6. Jaw Titan: Marcel Galliard, Ymir, Porco Galliard, and Falco Grice

    The Jaw Titan stands 5 meters high and is characterized by its enhanced speed, a powerful set of jaws, and claws that can destroy almost anything, including the crystallization of other titans. The known users of the Jaw Titan are Marcel Galliard, Ymir, Porco Galliard, and Falco Grice.

    Marcel Galliard, brother of Porco Galliard and comrade of Reiner Braun, Bertolt Hoover, Annie Leonhart, and Pieck Finger, is the first known user of the Jaw Titan. He possessed the power of the Jaw Titan for a short time before losing it to Ymir.

    On the other hand, Ymir’s version of Jaw Titan, also known as the Dancing Titan to many, has the ability to easily climb walls, trees, and communicate. However, her Jaw Titan can easily be overpowered by a horde of titans. Furthermore, her appearance does not have a noticeably hardened jaw, unlike other users. 

    Meanwhile, Porco Galliard’s Jaw Titan is similar to his brother’s version. His specialty is his hardened jaw, agility, and regeneration.

    Falco Grice inherited the power of the Jaw Titan from Porco Galliard after being transformed into a pure titan by Zeke Yeager. His version of the Jaw Titan has bird-like traits, a hardened beak, talons, and wings as a result of Zeke Yeager’s spinal fluid.

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  7. Cart Titan: Pieck Finger

    The Cart Titan stands 4 meters high and is characterized by its quadrupedal form, enhanced speed, and endurance. The only known user of the Cart Titan is Pieck Finger.

    Unlike the female titan, Pieck Finger’s Cart Titan does not show any feminine appearance. The Cart Titan specializes in speed, intelligence, communication, steam emission, enhanced strength, and longer duration of titan transformation.

    As a matter of fact, the Cart Titan can maintain its form for 2 months. She can also carry various artillery and mechanisms on her back in order to fight enemies. However, the power of the Cart Titan takes a huge toll on its user’s mobility in human form. The primary disadvantage of the Cart Titan is that it doesn’t have any strong means of defense.

  8. War Hammer Titan: Lara Tybur

    The War Hammer Titan stands 15 meters high and specializes in creating weapons and structures out of its titan flesh. The known users of the War Hammer Titan are Lara Tybur and Eren Yeager.

    Lara Tybur is an Eldian that secretly holds the power of the War Hammer Titan. It was first thought to be inherited by her brother, Willy Tybur. Lara Tybur’s version of the War Hammer Titan is reminiscent of a medieval warrior. It can make weapons, structures, and spikes in the ground.

    One of the best weapons made by Lara Tybur’s War Hammer Titan is the crossbow. Unlike other users that operate on the nape of the titans, Lara Tybur can remotely operate apart from the War Hammer Titan. The primary weaknesses of the War Hammer Titan are its quick exhaustion and burnout, despite its ridiculously strong power. On the other hand, Eren Yeager inherited the power of the War Hammer Titan after defeating Lara Tybur.

  9. The Founding Titan: Ymir Fritz, Karl Fritz, Yuri Reiss, Frieda Reiss, Grisha Yeager, Eren Yeager

    The Founding Titan is also known as the Progenitor of all Titans. It possesses all the abilities of the eight titans mentioned above. The known users of the Founding Titan are Ymir Fritz, Karl Fritz, Rod and Yuri Reiss’ Father, Yuri Reiss, Frieda Reiss, Grisha Yeager, and Eren Yeager.

    Ymir Fritz is the first titan in the series. She is considered as the “devil” by the Marleyans while a “Goddess” by the Eldian Restorationists. After dying, her titan powers were split into 9.

    Karl Fritz is the 145th king of Eldia and the first king of the walls. He utilized the power of the Founding Titan in order to build the walls with Colossal Titans. He let the Eldian empire collapse and rewrote everyone’s memories. He passed down the ideology to future inheritors, telling them not to use their founding powers to fight back against the titans outside the walls. Later on, he changed his last name from Fritz to Reiss.

    Yuri Reiss, brother of Rod Reiss, wanted to free the world from the titans until he inherited Carl Fritz's ideology and changed his own mind.

    The powers of the Founding Titan are passed on to Freida Reiss, Rod Reiss’ daughter, and Yuri Reiss’ niece. She lost the Founding Titan to Grisha Yeager’s Attack Titan due to her inexperience in battle.

    Not long after, Grisha Yeager passed the powers to Eren Yeager due to his lack of royal blood. He was eaten by Eren Yeager and inherited both the Founding and Attack Titans.

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There you have it! Every titan shifter has distinct characteristics, appearance, strengths, and weaknesses that distinguish them from each other. If you are curious about the designs of the previous titan shifters, you can check out the manga pages of Attack on Titan or Shingeki no Kyojin from Chapter 135.

Attack on Titan, otherwise known as Shingeki no Kyojin, has been giving viewers the thrill of their lives ever since it began airing in 2013. The series continuously prides itself on being one of the best animes of all time due to its popular demand not only in Japan but also, in the rest of the world.

With the likes of Naruto, Dragon Ball, and One Piece, Attack on Titan delivers a once-in-a-lifetime action-packed journey that keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats.

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