Do Armin and Annie End Up Together in Attack on Titan?

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Do Armin & Annie End Up Together in Attack on Titan Armin
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Some Attack on Titan fans started shipping Armin and Annie in Season 1 when he called her a good person. Their relationship continued to improve over time as seen in Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3, during the Rumbling. Does that mean that Armin and Annie will end up together? Here's what we know so far!

Spoiler Warning: There are spoilers for the Attack on Titan manga below.


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How Annie and Armin’s Relationship Progressed in Attack on Titan

How Annie and Armin’s Relationship Progressed in Attack on Titan

While some viewers have been eyeing Annie and Armin since Season 1, some cannot imagine the two together. There are even some theories that Armin is only attached to Annie because he inherited Bertholdt’s feelings, as the latter obviously liked Annie.

However, that is not the case. Not many people talked to Annie because of her cold and distant personality.

Armin did not see this side of her and even told her that he thought she was a good person, which surprised her.

This simple conversation became the foundation of their relationship. It was also then that Annie knew that his opinions greatly mattered to her.


As such, Annie’s personality towards Armin changed as time went by.

Does Annie Like Armin?

Does Annie Like Armin Annie Leonhart

Annie became kinder and more caring toward Armin, to the point that she tried to convince him not to join the Survey Corps.

While it was not explained why she did so, Annie might've been afraid that she could harm Armin if he was part of the Survey Corps since she has a mission with Reiner and Bertholdt.

Ultimately, she continued to spare Armin’s life even if it caused her to fail her mission.

Armin found out her true identity because of this but still insisted that she was not a bad person.


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Does Armin Like Annie?

Does Armin Like Annie Armin Arlert

On the other hand, Armin hid the fact that he knew the Female Titan's identity, endangering everyone's life.

His affection for Annie deepened after he inherited Bertholdt’s memories as he learned about her past.

When Annie turned into a crystal, he spent four years visiting her daily just to update her on what was happening.

The most obvious hint of their romantic feelings toward each other is when they talked on the ship to Marley.

Armin and Annie

The two kept blushing when Annie asked him why he bothered visiting her every day despite her being unable to answer.

He revealed that she was the only person he wanted to see, indicating that the two have mutual feelings.

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Do Armin and Annie End Up Together?

Do Armin and Annie End Up Together Annie Leonhart

It was not stated in the Attack on Titan manga whether the two ended up together, but after the three years time skip, Annie and Armin are seen together on the boat to Paradis Island.

The glances they gave each other were more intimate than before, hinting that they did end up together.

Both characters survived the Rumbling and returned to the island where everything started.

They are now Marley Ambassadors who plan to tell their story to the people of Paradis.

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