Will There Be a Blue Lock Season 2? Release Date News and Predictions

Will There Be a Blue Lock Season 2? Release Date News and Predictions Yoichi Isagi
Credit: 8bit

Will There Be a Blue Lock Season 2? Release Date News and Predictions Yoichi Isagi
Credit: 8bit

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Yoichi Isagi's journey to becoming the World's Greatest Striker is just getting started. With his spatial awareness, direct shot, and off-the-ball movements, Yoichi fights to survive in the Blue Lock program to reach his dreams. Now that the second selection is almost over, will there be a Blue Lock Season 2?

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Blue Lock Promotes Egoism Rather Than Teamwork

Blue Lock is a soccer anime, but it differs from its predecessors such as Ao Ashi and even Captain Tsubasa, despite having the typical sports anime tropes such as "years too early," "taught by experience," and even "second place is for losers."

It is unlike any other sports anime out there that promotes teamwork and has tournament arcs in which all of the characters compete for the championship in order to advance to the Nationals.

Rather, Blue Lock emphasizes a player's individual skills and potential, harnessing their ego and drive to devour the other player, even their own teammate.

It's a breath of fresh air for fans who are tired of seeing their favorite characters mocked as underdogs, go through training arcs, and ultimately compete against the invincible opposing team.

Blue Lock Promotes Egoism Rather Than Teamwork Nagi
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Credit: 8bit

It also provides a new direction in soccer anime by incorporating a different type of system that entices the viewers to stick around for the next episodes.

Sure, the animation is exaggerated, but Blue Lock is one of those sports anime with a realistic touch.

In the Blue Lock anime, Yoichi Isagi is given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in Japan's Blue Lock program, where all rising strikers gather to compete for the coveted title of "The World's Greatest Striker."

The Blue Lock program uses a unique training system that can make or break a player's soccer career.

Only those who are willing to take risks will advance, and Yoichi understands that he must constantly evolve in order to keep up with the other players.

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Will There Be a Blue Lock Season 2?

Blue Lock Season 2 is confirmed, along with the film announcement for Blue Lock Episode Nagi. As of writing, the second season and the upcoming film's release dates have not yet been announced.

As expected, Blue Lock got a Season 2 due to its popularity and massive following, especially after Japan's World Cup run.

The sports anime has grown in popularity, attracting the attention of international fans from all over the world, whether they are anime fans or simply soccer fans.

Furthermore, its manga sales are increasing, with 9.3 million copies in circulation in June 2022, rising to 21.5 million copies in February 2023.

Will There Be a Blue Lock Season 2? Rin Itoshi
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Credit: 8bit

The anime adaptation is clearly a factor in the increase in sales, as is Japan's World Cup run.

When it comes to the source material, the Blue Lock anime has a lot more to work with.

Yoichi Isagi's journey in the Blue Lock anime will undoubtedly continue, given how the first season builds up the narrative of the second season.

Now that Blue Lock Season 2 has been greenlit, fans know that they will be seeing Yoichi Isagi and the rest of the characters compete for the third selection or even in the U-20 arc.

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Blue Lock Season 2 Release Date Predictions

There is no official release date for Blue Lock Season 2, but we can speculate based on what studio 8bit did with the previous anime shows it adapted and what other sports anime shows did in the past.

Blue Lock was announced to have 24 episodes when it was first released in October 2022 as part of the fall anime season.

It was a double cour anime, which meant that there were no breaks for two consecutive anime seasons.

Based on the turnaround of the anime production done by studio 8bit, fans can expect Blue Lock Season 2 in late 2024 or early 2025.

The same thing happened with 8bit's Encouragement of Climb, which was first released in 2013, and then Season 2 was released the following year.

Blue Lock Season 2 Release Date Predictions Itoshi Rin
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Credit: 8bit

With Blue Lock's popularity, studio 8bit will have no trouble releasing the anime's second season in 2024, with a much larger budget as well.

Other sports anime, such as Kuroko's Basketball and Haikyuu!!, also waited a year before releasing their second seasons.

Hence, it will not be surprising to hear the creators announce at some point this year that Blue Lock Season 2 will be released in 2024.

While a year may seem like a long time, fans who want to follow Yoichi's journey in the Blue Lock program can always read the manga to prepare for the events of the second season.

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What to Expect From Blue Lock Season 2

If Blue Lock is renewed for a second season, everyone will be able to see Yoichi compete in the program's third selection, where he will meet new characters not introduced in the first season.

In the third selection arc, Yoichi will compete in a five-on-five soccer match against some of the best players in the world, chosen by Jinpachi Ego. The rest of the program's participants will also undergo the same thing.

Jinpachi will announce the top six players in the program once the matches are completed.

What to Expect From Blue Lock Season 2? Bachira
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Credit: 8bit

He will divide them into three teams, and the remaining 29 players will choose which team to join in order to demonstrate their potential to be selected as a member of Blue Lock 11.

The Blue Lock 11 will be announced following the series of matches, and they will prepare to face the members of Japan's U-20.

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