Blue Lock: Every Main Character's Age, Birthday, and Height

Blue Lock: Every Main Character's Age, Birthday & Height Yoichi Isagi
Credit: 8bit

Blue Lock: Every Main Character's Age, Birthday & Height Yoichi Isagi
Credit: 8bit

Blue Lock is a sports anime with a diverse cast of characters. They have distinct personalities, but they share one thing in common: a passion for soccer. So, here are every main character’s age, birthday, and height in Blue Lock so you can get to know them better!

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How Old Is Yoichi Isagi?

How Old is Yoichi Isagi? Yoichi Isagi
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Credit: 8bit

Yoichi Isagi is 17 years old in the manga, but he is only 16 in the anime. He was born on April 1, so his astrological sign is Aries. Yoichi is Iyo and Issei Isagi's only child.

He is 175 cm tall and has a 27 cm shoe size. His jumping height is also 61 cm, and his blood type is B.

His eyes are blue, and his hair is dark blue, both of which are complementary to his favorite color, light blue.

His interests include anything related to Noel Noa, walking around, the autumn season, PlayStation 4, and manga reading.

Kintsuke, sweets, and delicious tea are his favorite foods!

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How Old Is Bachira Meguru?

How Old is Bachira Meguru? Meguru Bachira
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Credit: 8bit

Bachira, Yoichi's confidante, is 17 years old. He was born on August 8, so his astrological sign is Leo. His height is 176 cm, and his shoe size is 27.5 cm.

Yoichi began playing soccer at the age of four, while Bachira began at the age of six. His eyes are black, and he has black and yellow hair. He has blood type AB.

Aside from soccer, Bachira is fascinated by dolphins, receiving gifts, canned pineapple, and whatever else he feels like doing during the holiday season.

On the contrary, Bachira despises studying, as does Mozuku, as well as the feeling of being restrained.

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How Old Is Rin Itoshi?

How Old is Rin Itoshi? Rin Itoshi
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Credit: 8bit

The very intimidating Rin Itoshi is 16 years old. He was born on September 9, making him a Virgo.

His aliases include Eyelash Freak, Puppeteer, Rin-Rin, Revenger, and Licky-Rin, to name a few, but his name can also be interpreted as that of a dignified puppet master.

Rin Itoshi is 186 cm tall and has blood type A, dark green hair, and teal eyes.

He spends his free time reading manga like Dragon Head and Shigatera or playing horror video games.

He is also fascinated by owls, the film The Shining, horror movies, and his favorite food, ochazuke.

How Old Is Kunigami Rensuke?

How Old is Kunigami Rensuke? Kunigami Rensuke
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Credit: 8bit

Kunigami Rensuke, the aspiring soccer superhero, is 17 years old. Because he was born on March 11, he is a Pisces. Aside from Hero, Kunigami is also known as "Muscle Kunigami" because of his toned body.

His height is 188 cm, and his shoe size is 28 cm. He, like Bachira, began playing soccer at the age of six. His blood type is O, and his hair and eyes are orange and auburn.

Kunigami enjoys working out and running on the beach. He's also into polar bears, eating his favorite seaweed soup, and dating someone gentle and cute.

How Old Is Nagi Seishirou?

How Old is Nagi Seishirou? Nagi Seishirou
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Credit: 8bit

Nagi Seishirou, the natural genius, is 17 years old. He was born on May 6, making him a Taurus. He is 190 cm tall and has the same blood type as Kunigami.

Nagi's hair is white, and his eyes are gray. His interests and hobbies include trapping various items such as Barou's shoes, reading the manga Bonobono, drinking lemon tea, eating crab, caring for his cactus named Choki, and anticipating the arrival of the spring season.

How Old Is Shoei Barou?

How Old is Shoei Barou? Shoei Barou
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Credit: 8bit

Shoei Barou, the Field King, is 18 years old. He was born on June 27 under the sign of Cancer. He is also known as the Scary Gorilla and the "King of Villains.

He is 187 cm tall and has the same blood type as Rin Itoshi. His hair is black, and his eyes are red, which is highlighted in the anime every time he snaps.

He enjoys listening to Hikaru Utada's music, watching The Dark Knight, and eating pudding.

He also wants to date someone who can clean with him because he enjoys cleanliness.

How Old Is Chigiri Hyouma?

How Old is Chigiri Hyouma? Chigiri Hyouma
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Credit: 8bit

Chigiri Hyouma is 16 years old. His opponents frequently tease him as a princess or a girl due to his reddish-pink hair and pink eyes.

He was born on December 2, so he is a Capricorn. He is 177 cm tall and has blood type A, like Barou and Itoshi Rin.

He is interested in black cats as well as subjects such as English, physical education, and history. He also enjoys reading novels, the winter season, and eating his favorite food, karinto manju.

How Old Is Gin Gagamaru?

How Old is Gin Gagamaru? Gin Gagamaru
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Credit: 8bit

Gin Gagamaru aspires to be the best forward in the world, armed with his natural reflexes and adaptability.

On January 2, he was born in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. He is 17 years old and began playing soccer when he was 12 years old.

Despite his cool demeanor, Gagamaru stands a towering 190 cm tall, which intimidates his opponents.

His eyes are black, and his hair is a mix of black and silver.

Southern All-Stars music, anything about his favorite soccer player, Gareth Bale, meditating in a bamboo grove, and conversing with mountain animals, particularly bears, are among his favorites.

How Old Is Jingo Raichi?

How Old is Jingo Raichi? Jingo Raichi
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Credit: 8bit

Jingo Raichi was born on October 11, making him a Libra. He was from Nagasaki, Japan, and began playing soccer at the age of seven.

Raichi's height is 184 cm, and his blood type is A. He is very interested in anything related to his favorite soccer player, Takashi Inui, chameleons, eating shrimp tempura, bamboo shoots, and one day climbing the Statue of Liberty.

He has a very positive and confident personality, which most of the time translates to the way he plays on the field.

How Old Is Wataru Kuon?

How Old is Wataru Kuon? Wataru Kuon
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Credit: 8bit

Wataru Kuon, Team Z's traitor, is 18 years old and began playing soccer at the age of six. He was born in Yamaguchi Prefecture on November 16, and his blood type is AB, just like Bachira's.

He enjoys watching his favorite soccer player, Edinson Cavani, watching the movie Always: Sunset on Third Street, riding camels, and eating his favorite foods, such as okra, mozuku with yam, and natto.

How Old Is Iemon Okuhito?

How Old is Iemon Okuhito? Iemon Okuhito
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Credit: 8bit

Iemon Okuhito, the acting leader of Team Z, was born on November 19 in Kochi. He is 18 years old and measures 187 cm tall.

While he plays forward, he can also play goalkeeper, as seen in the first selection, where he told everyone that he's a jack of all trades, so having a defense position was perfectly alright.

His favorite activities include going to coffee shops and watching his favorite soccer player, Edin Dzeko. He adores the color green as well!

How Old Is Gurimu Igarashi?

How Old is Gurimu Igarashi? Igaguri
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Credit: 8bit

Igarashi Gurimu, also known as Igaguri, is 16 years old. Because he was born on July 6, he is a Cancer. He is 175 cm tall, the same as Yoichi Isagi. His blood type is B, and he has black hair.

He is an only child who fears that after his soccer career is over, he will become a temple monk.

He enjoys watching his favorite soccer player, Antoine Griezmann, reading anything about dragons, eating kimchi hotpot, and watching Tsubasa Honda.

Because of his unusual sleeping positions, Igaguri is frequently used as comic relief in the Blue Lock program.

How Old Is Asahi Naruhaya?

How Old is Asahi Naruhaya? Asahi Naruhaya
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Credit: 8bit

Asahi Naruhaya, the good and inspiring brother to his siblings, is 16 years old. He has wished to become a professional soccer player since his parents died in an accident in order to provide a better life for his family.

On March 20, he was born in Kagawa Prefecture, where he began playing soccer at the age of five.

He has one older sister, two younger sisters, and two younger brothers, which explains why their lives were so difficult after their parents died.

He is one of Team Z's shortest members, standing at 171 cm. He enjoys doing part-time work during the holidays, being frugal, listening to King Gnu, and watching his favorite soccer players, Michael Owen and Sergio Aguero.

How Old Is Ego Jinpachi?

How Old is Ego Jinpachi? Ego Jinpachi
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Credit: 8bit

Ego Jinpachi, the mastermind behind the Blue Lock Program, has revealed so little detail about himself to the public. However, he was born on March 31, and his zodiac sign is Aries. His hair and eyes are both black.

Little is known about him, such as his age, height, shoe size, and interests outside of soccer.

What is certain about him is that he is an intellectual training coach who views Japanese strikers in a unique way.

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