Blue Lock: Best Weapons Used by Actual Professionals

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Blue Lock: Best Weapons Used by Actual Professionals Yoichi Isagi
Credit: 8bit
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Despite its unrealistic premise of gathering 300 players to compete for the title of the "World's Egoistic Striker", a lot has been said about Blue Lock's realistic approach to soccer. Given that the players' skill sets are modeled after real-life players, here are some of the best weapons in Blue Lock used by actual professionals!

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Yoichi’s Direct Shot

Blue Lock: Best Weapons Used by Actual Professionals Yoichi's Direct Shot
Credit: 8bit

Yoichi's direct shot was one of the first skills he learned after entering the Blue Lock program.

Yoichi combines his direct shot with his weapons such as his spatial awareness and off-the-ball movements.

To accomplish this, Yoichi calmly assesses the defender's position on the field as well as the trajectory of the ball, particularly its point of impact, from which he can land a powerful kick to finish with a goal.

By doing a direct shot, Yoichi can avoid overthinking his position as well as his next move in the field.

In real life, French footballer Kylian Mbappe took a direct shot against Argentina in the 2022 World Cup Final, which was similar to Yoichi's style.


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Nagi’s Trapping Skills

Blue Lock: Best Weapons Used by Actual Professionals Nagi's Trapping Skills
Credit: 8bit

Nagi's insanely perfect ball control is well known in the Blue Lock program, so it's no surprise that one of his weapons is his trapping ability.

Trapping comes naturally to him because he can do it with his entire body, whether it's his toes, heels, or even his back, demonstrating how talented he is in soccer.

His trapping abilities can also confuse and manipulate his opponents whenever they run down the field.

Most importantly, Nagi's efficient and accurate trapping abilities have the power to turn a bad situation around, which almost always occurs in every game he plays.


Bachira’s Dribbling Techniques

Blue Lock: Best Weapons Used by Actual Professionals Bachira's Dribbling Techniques
Credit: 8bit

A one-on-one match against Bachira's dribbling ability will be difficult to overcome. One can only imagine stealing the ball from Bachira, who is also extremely difficult to read.

Bachira's insane ball control, combined with his quick legs and creative thinking, can leave anyone in the dust in an instant!

Not only that, Bachira's movement with the ball can confuse his opponent before they realize what has happened in front of them.

He also uses his dribbling skills to create chances for other strikers to score. He can not only pass the defenders but also break through their defense simply by dribbling efficiently.

Professional players dribble against their opponents all the time, especially Cristiano Ronaldo and the Brazilian Ronaldinho.


Chigiri’s Long-Distance Sprinting

Blue Lock: Best Weapons Used by Actual Professionals Chigiri's Long Distance Sprinting
Credit: 8bit

As a fast runner, Chigiri uses his legs to accelerate and get the ball ahead of his opponents. His speed is unrivaled because he specializes in long-distance sprints to receive passes from his teammates.

Unlike Zantetsu, Chigiri uses a no-break dribble technique to kick the ball forward before his opponents can.

Chigiri used it against Zantetsu, kicking the ball forward and dashing toward it, leaving him in the dust.

This type of weapon is similar to Gareth Bale's long-distance sprinting and the Brazilian footballer Antony.

Rin’s Corner Shot

Blue Lock: Best Weapons Used by Actual Professionals Rin's Corner Shot
Credit: 8bit

Rin's corner shot appears to be impossible to execute in real life. However, some players, such as Angel Di Maria and Leroy Sane, have already accomplished this nearly impossible feat, earning the corner shot the moniker "The Olympic Shot."

Rin's perfect kick accuracy allows him to execute the corner shot. His accuracy was tried and tested prior to the start of the second selection when he kicked two balls at the same time that collided in mid-air despite traveling different trajectories.

Gagamaru’s Head Shot

Blue Lock: Best Weapons Used by Actual Professionals Gagamaru's Head Shot
Credit: 8bit

Gagamaru's iconic head shot is unsurprising to see in any real-life soccer game. He can score a goal by adapting to nearly any pass that comes his way thanks to his excellent body control and reflexes.

He is a goal poacher in the sense that he can finish a goal in the most unexpected ways or at the most inconvenient times.

Real-life players such as Van Persie, Sergio Ramos, and even Messi have accomplished this feat.


Barou’s Power Charge

Blue Lock: Best Weapons Used by Actual Professionals Barou's Power Charge
Credit: 8bit

With his physicality and muscular build, Barou, like Didier Drogba and Cristiano Ronaldo, can force himself on any defender, regardless of how tight their marks are.

This is the result of Barou's extremely difficult training, which Yoichi and Nagi are unable to do on a daily basis.

In a one-on-one match, Barou's power charge combined with his thirst for scoring makes him a difficult opponent to outwit.

His egoistic principles and confidence in his abilities make him even more dangerous.

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