The Strongest Players in Blue Lock Anime, Ranked

The Strongest Players in Blue Lock Anime, Ranked Yoichi Isagi
Credit: 8bit

The Strongest Players in Blue Lock Anime, Ranked Yoichi Isagi
Credit: 8bit

Blue Lock is a sports anime that emphasizes egocentrism over teamwork. It features a large number of talented players, each with their own set of weapons and areas of specialization, all hoping to become Japan's, or rather, the world's, best striker. So, here are the strongest players in the Blue Lock anime, ranked.

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  1. Mikage Reo

    Mikage Reo is a jack of all trades who can maximize the strengths of his teammates. He is a utility player who can score goals and win games by leveraging the skills of his teammates on the soccer field.

    Unfortunately, while Reo is a jack of all trades, he is a master of none. Reo, unlike Nagi and the other players on this list, does not have any special weapons that he can use to alter the flow of the game.

    On the bright side, Reo relies on his determination, dexterity, and ability to imitate others.

    Most notably, Reo becomes a dangerous player due to his excellent passing sense and all-around abilities.

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  2. Kunigami Rensuke

    Kunigami Rensuke, an aspiring soccer superhero, is also deserving of a spot on this list. After all, Kunigami's power shot has become iconic in Blue Lock, particularly on the program's first selection.

    Kunigami's play style is nearly identical to Barou's, with the exception that Kunigami is a better team player than Barou.

    Unlike Barou, Kunigami is willing to pass and coordinate with the other players he believes will help him win the game.

    He is also a clinical finisher who can score goals even in the most crucial situations.

    Kunigami's well-toned body and superior physicality also allow him to aggressively mark opponents and press them, allowing his teammates to steal the ball.

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  3. Chigiri Hyouma

    Due to his past trauma, Chigiri started off playing soccer with Yoichi in a very timid and laid-back manner.

    However, when he moved on from it, Chigiri unlocked a new version of himself that his previous teammates were unaware of.

    Chigiri is a fast runner who can outrun everyone, including Barou and Nagi.

    His speed is no laughing matter, as he can get to the ball the quickest by kicking it forward and then following it up with a superior dash, leaving his opponent in the dust.

    His soccer potential is also impressive, as he, like Yoichi, can evolve quickly, especially against stronger opponents.

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  4. Shouei Barou

    Shouei Barou, also known as the King of the Field, is one of Blue Lock's most egocentric players. He is so arrogant, selfish, and self-centered that he will not change his soccer style for anyone.

    Barou only needs himself to score; everyone else is irrelevant because their abilities are not superior to his.

    He sees the other players on the field as pawns to assist him in scoring goals and winning the game.

    While Barou's play style appears to be villainous, his ability to charge at his opponents and finish a goal is exceptional.

    Because of how intimidating he is when he gets his head in the game, his signature middle shot is extremely hard to stop.

  5. Yoichi Isagi

    While Yoichi considers himself a regular Joe with no special weapons like Barou and Nagi, his soccer potential is unlike any other player in the program.

    Yoichi is also one of the players who evolve the fastest, despite playing in a fast-paced environment.

    The more tense Yoichi becomes, the more he tries to find a solution to stop his opponent's momentum.

    Most notably, Yoichi's spatial awareness and off-the-ball movements allow him to use his mind and eyes simultaneously to maximize his field of vision and smell all possible routes to a successful goal.

    Yoichi, according to Naruhaya, is a genius of adaptability. This means Yoichi is willing to change himself, even if it means erasing everything he knows about soccer in order to win the game.

  6. Nagi Seishirou

    Originally, Nagi is a very lazy soccer player who dislikes moving around the field over and over again.

    He only needs Reo's passes to come to him to score a goal, but after losing to Yoichi, Nagi evolved like crazy!

    Aside from his natural soccer sense, his perfect ball control and unconventional trapping abilities allow him to score goals one after another.

    He is a creative soccer player who has the potential to become popular among soccer fans due to his flashy and highlight-worthy moves.

  7. Bachira Meguru

    Meguru Bachira is a tricky soccer player who claims to be possessed by a monster that forces him to evolve in the face of adversity.

    True enough, the more powerful his opponent, the more compelling Bachira becomes.

    Unlike other players, Bachira enjoys it when his opponent is far superior to him.

    After all, confronting them would imply that he would be able to learn something new, which would help him improve.

    Bachira excels at dribbling, and his ball control is so impressive that it takes a team of skilled players to stop him.

    He is also a very unpredictable player who can fool his opponents with various feints and dribbling styles.

  8. Tokimitsu Aoshi

    While Aryu is the second-best player in the Blue Lock program, Aoshi Tokimitsu is the third-best.

    At first glance, Aoshi appears to be a very weak and immature player who knows nothing about soccer. Because of his weak mind, he always had a nervous and frustrated expression on his face.

    However, underestimating Aoshi can be dangerous in the long run because the more frustrated he becomes, the stronger he will become on the field.

    When Tokimitsu becomes increasingly frustrated, his well-toned body and immovable physique make him look like a fast train charging against his opponent.

    Furthermore, his shoulder charge is unrivaled, especially when he uses it to force a block or defense against another player.

    Tokimitsu, in particular, has infinite stamina, allowing him to use his full potential until the final seconds of the game.

  9. Jyubei Aryu

    Aryuu Jyubei is the program's second-ranked player after Rin. He has a very egoistic personality that stands out from the crowd due to his extremely stylish appearance, almost resembling a high-end fashion model.

    Aryu's long legs and tall stature allow him to reach aerial balls from a much higher position than his opponent and poach a goal.

    In fact, Aryu demonstrates that he can intercept long balls and score from them with ease.

    He also has a very long reach, which could be Aryu's most powerful weapon. He can also use his long limbs to steal passes ahead of his opponent.

    Despite his towering stature, Aryu is a very smooth soccer player, in the sense that his opponents will never know what's coming for them due to his glamorous play style.

  10. Itoshi Rin

    A one-on-one match against Rin Itoshi would be one of the most difficult challenges and/or obstacles any player could face in the Blue Lock program.

    Rin Itoshi's mad soccer skills and sports intelligence demonstrate that his position as Blue Lock's number-one player is no joke.

    Rin, like Yoichi, is a playmaker in charge of leading the team's offensive play in order to score goals. His spatial awareness and off-the-ball movements, on the other hand, are far superior to Yoichi's.

    Simply put, Rin can help his teammates reach their full potential by understanding their weapons and abilities.

    But that doesn't mean Rin can't score on his own. In fact, he can score before his opponents have time to process what he has done.

    This happened in the anime when Rin decided to kick a powerful shot from the middle of the field instead of wasting time acting friendly with Yoichi, Nagi, and Bachira.

    What makes him even more dangerous is that Rin takes soccer very seriously. He views soccer as a life-or-death sport, so losing is the same as dying for him.

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