Who Wins in Blue Lock?

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Who Wins in Blue Lock Yoichi Isagi
Credit: 8bit

In comparison to other countries, Japan's soccer team performed poorly in the World Cup. This explains Ego Jinpachi's vision of abandoning Japan's teamwork spirit in favor of promoting the Blue Lock program. Among 300 forward players in the program, who wins in Blue Lock?

Blue Lock is a shonen sports anime based on soccer. Yoichi Isagi, a regular high school soccer player who gets a chance to join the Blue Lock program, is at the very center of the story.


Ego Jinpachi's Blue Lock program is looking for the world's best egoist striker to lead Japan to World Cup glory.

To survive, Yoichi must defeat other competitors and clear the program's challenges.

Warning: There are Blue Lock manga spoilers ahead!

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Who Wins in Blue Lock?

As of writing, the Blue Lock program has no clear winner yet. Most likely, the winner of the Blue Lock program will be Yoichi Isagi, the main protagonist of the series.

After all, Blue Lock has been grooming Yoichi to be the greatest egoist striker since the program's inception.

Despite having average soccer skills, Yoichi Isagi's potential and desire to be the greatest striker emerge quickly from within him.

Other players, however, have a fighting chance to defeat Isagi for the title.

Yoichi Isagi needs to step forward more than the other players like Rin Itoshi, Shidou Ryusei, Nagi Seishirou, Barou Shouei, Bachira Meguru, and Kunigami Rensuke.

To survive the Blue Lock program, the players must go through a lengthy and difficult training regimen.

Who Wins in Blue Lock Ego Jinpachi
Credit: 8bit

It includes three main rounds of selection to find the best egoistic players who will compete against Japan's U-20 players and be part of the Blue Lock Eleven.

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If the Blue Lock Eleven defeats Japan's U-20 players, the team members will compete in the Neo Egoist League, the Blue Lock program's final selection before the World Cup.

The Blue Lock rivals will compete in the Neo Egoist League alongside other world-class players and Japan's U-20 regulars to determine the winners.

The top winners of the Neo Egoist League will become regular U-20 players for Japan and compete in the World Cup.

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Who Are the Members of the Blue Lock Eleven?

Who Are the Members of the Blue Lock Eleven Itoshi Rin
Credit: 8bit

The members of the Blue Lock Eleven are as follows:

  • Rin Itoshi
  • Yoichi Isagi
  • Seishiro Nagi
  • Tabito Karasu
  • Eita Otoya
  • Kenyu Yukimiya
  • Meguru Bachira
  • Hyoma Chigiri
  • Ikki Niko
  • Jyubei Aryu
  • Gin Gagamaru
  • Reo Mikage
  • Yo Hiori
  • Shoei Baro

The Blue Lock Eleven are Ego Jinpachi's handpicked players from the 35 players who remained after the three rounds of selection in the Blue Lock program.

However, Jinpachi's final decision is based on the players who would center and support Blue Lock's star player, Rin Itoshi's, playing style.

Other players did not make the team due to compatibility and utility issues because Rin is hyper-aggressive.

Who Are the Members of the Blue Lock Eleven Yoichi Isagi
Credit: 8bit

Nonetheless, Jinpachi believes that the Blue Lock Eleven members have what it takes to defeat the national team's current U-20 players.

Blue Lock Eleven's starting lineup includes offensive players such as Rin Itoshi, Yoichi Isagi, Seishiro Nagi, Eita Otoya, and Kenya Yukimiya, among others.


On the contrary, Japan's U-20 team includes some of the country's best players, including the genius midfielder Sae Itoshi.

The match between Blue Lock Eleven and Japan's U-20 players will determine the program's fate.

The outcome will decide whether Ego Jinpachi closes the Blue Lock program or completely takes over Japan's National Team.

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Does Yoichi Become Number 1 in Blue Lock?

Does Yoichi Become Number 1 in Blue Lock Yoichi Isagi
Credit: 8bit

As of writing, Rin Itoshi ranks 1st in the Blue Lock program after the Neo Egoist League started.

Prior to the League, Yoichi Isagi ranked 1st in the program, followed by Rin Itoshi, Shidou Ryusei, Nagi Seishirou, and Barou Shouhei.

At first, Yoichi Isagi entered the program as a dark horse. In fact, his initial ranking placed him 299th out of 300 players.

After the dorm admission exams as well as the first fitness test, Yoichi advanced to the 274th position, one rank higher than Igaguri.

Since then, Yoichi Isagi has managed to climb his way to the top after clearing the three rounds of selection in the program.

He also made it as a starter for Blue Lock Eleven, which will compete against Japan's U-20 players.

From being an ordinary soccer player, Yoichi improves and even learns skills and abilities like spatial awareness, direct shot, off-the-ball movements, reflexes, meta vision, flow state, and Raumdeuter.