5 Ways Blue Lock’s Isagi Resembles Haikyuu!!’s Kageyama

5 Ways Blue Lock’s Isagi Resembles Haikyuu’s Kageyama

5 Ways Blue Lock’s Isagi Resembles Haikyuu’s Kageyama

Even if Haikyuu!! and Blue Lock are not under the same sport, anime viewers cannot help but compare the two popular sports series. A lot of anime fans have even noticed that there are five ways in which Blue Lock’s Isagi resembles Haikyuu!!’s Kageyama.

Have you noticed these too? If not, continue reading to find out!

  1. Kageyama and Isagi Look Similar

    If Haikyuu!! fans see Blue Lock’s Yoichi Isagi, they will instantly be reminded of Tobio Kageyama. These two characters have similar hairstyles, the same hair color, identical blue eyes, and indistinguishable physiques.

    Although black hair is typical among male anime characters, their eye color and hairstyles are not.

    Haikyuu Kageyama
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    Their heights are also somewhat the same, as Isagi is 175 cm tall while Kageyama is 180.6 cm tall.

    Of course, since both are athletes, they are expected to have good physiques. But what makes it interesting is that their builds are the same as well -- not too slim and not too muscular.

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  2. Isagi and Kageyama Are Both Intelligent

    Kageyama and Isagi’s most vital point is their intelligence. They both have the gift of reading the gameplay, giving them the advantage of creating the perfect strategy to win.

    Their vision during the game is not limited to their role but extends to the roles of their teammates.

    Yoichi Isagi
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    This skill is not common for all characters in Haikyuu!! and Blue Lock, which explains why many anime viewers love Isagi and Kageyama.

    Their skill is a great asset to the team and guarantees a good fight against their enemies.

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  3. They Have Control Over the Game

    Kageyama and Isagi have control over their respective games in connection to their intelligence. Kageyama’s position as the setter allows him to decide the best gameplay for the team.

    He not only passes the ball but also gives it to the player who can guarantee a point for them.

    They Have Control Over the Game Kageyama
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    On the other hand, although Isagi plays with co-strikers, he uses his goal scent and spatial awareness to decide the best strategy for the team.

    He gives instructions to his team members, uses their weapons, and creates the best scenario that will lead to a goal.

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  4. Kageyama and Isagi Have Their Respective Rivals

    In every shonen anime, rivals are very common, and the same is true for Isagi and Kageyama. The Blue Lock protagonist idolizes Itoshi Rin for his skills and experience as a striker.

    But his admiration triggers rivalry as he wants to surpass Rin someday.

    Kageyama and Isagi Have Their Respective Rivals Rin
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    Meanwhile, the Haikyuu!! protagonist also has his rival, but we are not talking about Hinata Shoyo. Kageyama has looked up to Oikawa since they were in the same school.

    Just like Isagi, Kageyama wants to be better than his idol and thus considers Oikawa his rival.

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  5. Isagi and Kageyama Have the Perfect Partners

    In Blue Lock, Bachira and Isagi are the ideal partners, which is the same as Hinata and Kageyama in Haikyuu!!

    With Bachira’s support, Isagi can score goals. Hinata, on the other hand, pushes Kageyama to create the perfect toss and scenario for him to score.

    Hinata and Kageyama
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    Together, the duos are unbeatable. They push each other to maximize their skills and help the team score in a guaranteed and flawless way.

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