Is Blue Lock Based on Real Events?

Is Blue Lock Based on Real Events?

Is Blue Lock Based on Real Events?

In Blue Lock, there are several scenes wherein top soccer players were mentioned instead of just fictional characters. Its events also resemble the 2018 FIFA World Cup series, which kept viewers wondering if Blue Lock is based on actual events or not. Continue reading to find out!

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Blue Lock Used Real-Life Stars

Blue Lock Used Real Life Stars
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In sports anime, it is rare to see real-life stars used as examples. Most of the time, there would be fictional athletes, or the names would be somehow changed even though the viewers understand who the show is referring to.

But Blue Lock went directly to the point and mentioned soccer legends like Neymar, Lionel Messi, and Cristiano Ronaldo.

While Blue Lock creator Muneyuki Kaneshiro did not explain the reason behind this, the goal is to make the series a bit realistic for viewers to understand how important the World Cup is.

Blue Lock Isagi
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Using familiar and well-known names in the soccer industry helps viewers understand how good it feels to win for Yoichi and his team or how frustrating it is whenever they lose.

Real-life stars added an impact to the worldbuilding of Blue Lock. It made the whole training feel real instead of just fictional.

It also added a reason for viewers to anticipate how Yoichi will overcome every challenge along the way.

Blue Lock's Setting and the World Cup

Blue Lock Setting and Character Inspirations
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The 2018 FIFA World Cup series heavily inspired the popular sports anime, and this is not a secret.

It was explained that the series started after Japan was eliminated from the 2018 World Cup. This added a connection to real life, which made the series relatable.

Japan's desperation during that time could be the same as what happened in the series, although the Blue Lock program did not happen in real life.

Series creator Kaneshiro might have thought that the Japanese Football Association decided to step up their game, but of course, not as intensely as the one in the anime.

Blue Lock Characters and Their Real-Life Inspirations

Blue Lock Baro
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The creator also revealed that the characters are based on real-life soccer superstars.

In an interview, Kaneshiro said that Meguru Bachira is based on Brazilian player Ronaldinho, as both exhibit great dribbling techniques.

The retired player is also known for his overhead kicks, feints, and tricks that helped him score goals. Therefore, fans can expect Meguru to reveal more of his talents in the upcoming episodes as well.

Blue Lock Yoichi
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On the other hand, Blue Lock's main protagonist, Yoichi Isagi, is based on Italian striker Filippo Inzaghi. Both share the same playing style.

Meanwhile, Shoei Baro is modeled after Italian player Mario Balotelli, and they were both criticized for their personalities.

Lastly, Hyoma Chigiri is revealed to be based on Japanese player Ryo Miyachi, who is known for his speed.

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Is Blue Lock Based on Real Events?

Is Blue Lock Based on Real Events?
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Despite the character inspirations, setting, and even mentions of real-life stars, Blue Lock is still a fictional anime. In reality, Japan did not create an intense training program to create the best striker in the country (and there is no way they could have approved such training).

Still, the exaggerated training and prison-like environment might be a way to differentiate real life from fiction.

Either way, Blue Lock has caught the attention of anime and sports fans alike with its concept and well-developed plot.

Everyone is now excited to see Yoichi develop and become the best striker in Japan.

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