10 Best Fan Service Moments from Marin Kitagawa in My Dress Up Darling

Best Fan Service Moments of Marin Kitagawa in My Dress-Up Darling

Best Fan Service Moments of Marin Kitagawa in My Dress-Up Darling

Is there too much fan service in My Dress-up Darling? Regardless, Marin Kitagawa shines as the beautiful protagonist of the anime who often teases Gojo whenever she can. With that in mind, we’ve compiled the 10 best fan service moments from Marin Kitagawa in My Dress-up Darling in this article!

Relive these moments as Marin Kitagawa’s beautiful figure is just too much to handle!

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  1. Gojo Measures Marin’s Body

    Oh boy! Gojo is one lucky guy as Marin consents to him taking the measurements of her body while in her swimsuit. While Gojo tries to resist the beauty of Marin’s figure, the latter can’t help but tease the former, resulting in his extreme embarrassment to the point that his entire face becomes red.

    With a busty and slender figure to boot, Marin prides herself on being a woman worthy of being exposed to Gojo’s eyes. It’s not that bad Gojo, for some men will fight with each other just to earn your place in My Dress-Up Darling!

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  2. Marin Lying on Top of Gojo’s Futon

    Marin decides to take the fan service in My Dress-Up Darling to the next level by lying on top of Gojo Wakana's folded futon. While the latter wishes to find a chair for Marin to sit on while taking her foot measurements, she opts for the more practical option of using Gojo's futon as support.

    She even instructs Gojo to take the measurement by placing her feet on Gojo's lap, much to the latter's discomfort. Clover Works did an amazing job animating the intricacies of Marin's feet, as we all know (I'm having a hard time writing this sentence, really!)

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  3. Marin Cosplays as Shizuku-Tan

    Throughout Marin's Shizuku-tan cosplay in My Dress-Up Darling, there are numerous fan service moments. The amount of fan service is too much to handle, from the first time she tries on the garment to the moment Gojo unzips the back of Marin's costume!

    Marin, with the exception of the cosplay character's eroge background, perfectly captures Shizuku-tan in both appearance and personality. Phew! As the scene on the stairs progresses, Marin's bust is heavily focused on her Shizuku-tan cosplay, as sweat runs down her body.

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  4. Marin Showing Her Swimsuit to Gojo

    Marin abruptly shows Gojo her swimsuit in My Dress-Up Darling, which the latter misidentifies as her underwear. Marin appears to get excited about trying on her next cosplay costume, which we believe is the Black Lobella. Marin abruptly lifts her skirt, exposing her swimsuit, much to Gojo's surprise.

    On the other hand, there was a time when Marin showed Gojo a piece of underwear she was trying on while they were out shopping. Despite the fact that it is quite short and fast, fans are quick to screenshot everything and post it to various forums.

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  5. Marin’s Wardrobe Malfunction

    Although not technically a wardrobe malfunction, it does relate to the idea that Marin unconsciously forgot to wear her inners after opening the door to Gojo one morning in My Dress-Up Darling.

    Both of them apparently agreed to meet at Marin's house, which explains Gojo's unexpected visit. To Gojo's surprise, he politely asked Marin to take a quick look at her revealing yet vibrant nightgown.

    A friendly reminder to always check your reflection before opening the door! Don't be like Marin, who can only manage to look innocent and charming despite being conscious of her appearance.

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  6. Marin’s Shower Scene

    One of the hidden fan services revealed in My Dress-Up Darling is Marin's shower scene. Marin decides to cover up her body with an artificial makeup tan after she becomes too excited to try on her new cosplay. Unfortunately, the heat of the summer season causes her to become overly sweaty.

    As a result, Marin pays a visit to Gojo to tell him about her cosplay ideas, but only after she has a shower in which the anime depicts her bareback from head to toe. Sajuna Inui's encounter with Gojo Wakana, on the other hand, is remembered as the most embarrassing scene in Gojo's bathroom.

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  7. Marin and Gojo’s Time at the Beach

    While this episode is one of the most wholesome in My Dress-Up Darling's entire run, the animators did not shy away from teasing Marin Kitagawa's fan service to Gojo Wakana.

    Marin's skirt lifts up once again while she is in a pleasant and happy mood from watching the beach. Fortunately for Gojo, he has seen it again, causing his entire face to blush with embarrassment. It is a brief fan service that embodies the element of surprise. Isn't this an exciting time to be alive, Gojo?

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  8. Marin’s Thigh Physics

    Aside from Marin confessing her feelings to Gojo while he sleeps in My Dress-Up Darling Episode 12, fans are drawn to the fluid animation of Marin's thighs. As a result, they identified it as part of the anime trope known as "Thigh Physics" in the culture.

    Marin's thighs are apparently so powerful that they can incite a riot among her cult followers. Perhaps the animation director purposefully focused on Marin's thighs to demonstrate how powerful Marin's fan service is, regardless of how quick and brief it is.

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  9. Marin's Cosplay as Rizu-kyun

    Marin cosplays as Rizu-kyun in My Dress-Up Darling, in case you missed it. Marin adores Rizu, a succubus from the manga, as seen in the sequence with Gojo in the manga café. Marin rocks the costume in an amazing and sexy way, despite the fact that the cosplay is insanely cute, not to mention revealing with only a bikini-like undergarment.

    In any case, we all know what happened next. Another friendly reminder not to get carried away by the currents of cosplay in general, or you'll end up in a very awkward situation!

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  10. Marin and Gojo in a Love Hotel

    Perhaps this is the turning point in My Dress-Up Darling. The story led us to and prepared us for the moment we'd all been anticipating! An episode about our lovely protagonists staying in a love hotel. What better way to entice the audience than to create a fun and exciting scene full of fan service and awkward Marin and Gojo scenes?

    While Gojo and Marin are engrossed in their photoshoot, they unconsciously latch onto each other's bodies, only to realize it when they hear strange noises just outside their room. I'm at a loss for words if it doesn't qualify as fan service. In any case, it was an entertaining and satisfying episode!

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