10 Reasons Why Marin Kitagawa Is Best Girl in My Dress-Up Darling

Credit: Clover Works

Credit: Clover Works

Marin Kitagawa, or simply Marin, from the anime My Dress-Up Darling, continues to dominate the first spot in the best anime girl of the Winter 2022 anime season.

Competing against top-tier anime waifus like Jeanne from the Case Study of Vanitas, Takagi of Teasing Master Takagi-san, Nezuko from Demon Slayer and even Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan Final Season is not an easy thing to achieve. Surprisingly, Marin tops the list flawlessly.

So, what is the deal with Marin Kitagawa? Why do weebs love her? Why do weebs place her above all the other anime waifus in the Winter 2022 anime slate? Well, we’ve got you covered with 10 Reasons Why Marin is the Best Girl in My Dress-Up Darling.

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  1. Marin Kitagawa's Visual Appeal

    Marin is a bishoujo, an incredibly beautiful anime girl that is loved and liked by many, may it be her classmates or almost anyone that surrounds her. With her beautiful blonde hair, porcelain skin, and proud vital measurements that are to die for, Marin Kitagawa can knock off any anime girl or boy in sight.

    Without being biased, Marin always looks good in everything that she wears. For example, her school uniform, which suits her body perfectly, her printed swimsuit that no one can resist, her casual clothes that hug her body flawlessly, her sleeping clothes that can knock everyone off of their feet, as well her cosplay that attracts everyone’s attention. Marin's body is nearly perfect, with a vital statistic of 88.6–58.7–84.8.

  2. Marin Kitagawa's Personality

    Marin is an extrovert girl. At school, she is always seen hanging out with her friends. She is a feisty and confident girl who is not afraid of being true to herself. Even though she is considered the most popular girl on campus, she remains level-headed and humble.

    Everyone at school respects her due to her likable and playful personality. She also speaks to everyone, regardless of whether they are an outcast or not. Moreover, Marin is not afraid to tell everyone about her interests and hobbies. This is evidently seen in Episode 1 of My Dress-Up Darling, where she snaps at a random guy who laughed at her otaku keychains.

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  3. Marin Kitagawa's Independence

    Marin is an independent girl. In order to support her cosplay and otaku interests, she often goes out for modelling gigs and photoshoots. In fact, she doesn’t ask anyone for money to support her hobbies, not even her father. At such a young age, Marin already knows how to stand up for herself.

    Also, Marin lives alone in her apartment. While his father was working out of town, Marin taught herself every household chore. From cooking to washing her clothes, Marin knows it all.

    Even with the help of Gojo, Marin does not go beyond her limitations. As a matter of fact, she can treat Gojo whenever she wants to. She is an independent woman who can pay for herself and her bills and doesn’t need anyone to support her financially.

  4. Marin Kitagawa's Passion for Cosplay, Anime, and Video Games

    Surprisingly, Marin has a serious passion for anime and cosplay. She often talks about anime with magical girls, explicit anime shows, and adult video games. In fact, her love for the culture extends to her room, which is full of anime posters and merchandise.

    Furthermore, she is extremely fascinated with Shizuku-tan from Saint Slippery’s Academy for Girls-The Young Ladies of the Humiliation Club: Debauched Miracle Life 2. She is also updated with popular cosplayers like Juju-sama. She follows their social networking sites as well as downloads their pictures for reference.

    Notably, her interest in anime and cosplay is the plot narrative of the anime that paves the way for her relationship with Gojo to develop.

  5. Marin Kitagawa's Facial Expressions

    Like Gojo, Marin has a lot of cute facial expressions. From her proud, teasing, and confident looks down to her awkward and shy poses, Marin delivers a versatile version of herself.

    The anime has done a very good job of capturing Marin’s emotions and expressions. From the well-animated and beautiful sequences, My Dress-Up Darling continues to perfectly deliver Marin’s feelings from one scene to another.

    At this point, fans can’t get enough of Marin’s expressions. From episode to episode, Marin continues to attract weebs from all sides of the world and turn them into her followers. At the end of the day, we all live for Marin’s supremacy.

  6. Marin Kitagawa's Fan Service

    To be honest, Marin has some of the most perfected ecchi scenes in the history of anime. Her scenes don’t feel forced but instead flow smoothly as the story goes from one scene to another.

    The most perfect example is the scene where Gojo takes Marin’s measurements for her Shizuku-tan cosplay. Even though the scene is predictable, the ambiance and the way it was animated are actually wholesome and enjoyable. With the right amount of fan service, Marin continues to live up to her innocent yet playful narrative.

  7. Marin Kitagawa's Memes

    As the anime goes from one episode to another, Marin’s face constantly appears on every meme site on the internet. From 9gag to Reddit, Marin is everywhere. In fact, the popular Spider-Man meme of Tom Holland, which says "Everywhere I go, I see his face," is a pretty standard example. Marin’s face has replaced Iron Man’s face to adopt the popular meme.

  8. Marin Kitagawa's Open-Mindedness

    Marin has a fair and equal perspective in life. Unlike Gojo’s childhood friend, Marin does neither judge nor discriminate against Gojo’s love for Hina dolls. In fact, the foundation of their relationship with each other is built on their acceptance of each other’s interests in life.

    Marin believes that a person's gender should not define or dictate what he or she wants to do in life. There are much bigger problems in the world that need to be taken care of instead of pinning it on each other’s weird hobbies. Mind your own business, right?

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  9. Marin Kitagawa's Appreciation for Gojo

    Marin genuinely treasures Gojo Wakana. From the moment they first met, Marin adores every bit of Gojo’s personality. This is one of the reasons why Marin is loved by many.

    Even if Gojo is an awkward klutz, Marin appreciates him more than anything. She always finds time to thank him for his hard work and even cherishes the moments she has shared with Gojo. What a keeper! She doesn’t take him for granted because she always treats Gojo with respect (even if sometimes she loves to tease Gojo).

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  10. Marin Kitagawa is Almost Perfect

    Though it is too good to be true, Marin is a perfect example of every weeb's anime waifu, perhaps even in real life. With her personality and body, Marin continuously shines among her best girl competitors.

    For many, she is the definition and the living embodiment of an anime waifu, or best girl. She is one of the toughest contenders for the best girl of the year, with strengths relying on her visual appeal, personality, and character development.

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