My Dress-Up Darling: How Did Gojo Make the Perfect Cosplay for Marin?

Credit: Clover Works

Credit: Clover Works

My Dress-Up Darling is a romantic comedy anime that features the blossoming relationship between Marin Kitagawa and Gojo Wakana. If you’re planning to cosplay Marin or one of the characters in the anime, this article will surely help you out by knowing how Gojo made the perfect cosplay for Marin in 10 simple steps.

With that said, My Dress-Up Darling is a wholesome anime that sheds new light on the shoujo genre, the anime does not only rely on the peculiar Marin and Gojo pairing but also integrates cosplay and otaku references that viewers can relate to.

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  1. Gojo Wakana’s Research

    Gojo is known as a perfectionist in My Dress-Up Darling. Every day, he works on his Hina Doll-making skills. He carries out this kind of behavior when making Marin’s cosplay pieces.

    Not only does he spend a lot of time and effort researching the character to be cosplayed, but he also makes sure that his work will be faithful to the character to show his respect for the art. Researching the character is necessary in order to understand where the character is coming from, the background, traits, and characteristics.

  2. Gojo Wakana’s Mission

    Gojo’s mission in My Dress-Up Darling is to make cosplay pieces for Marin. Part of this mission is to immerse himself in the video games and anime that Marin has previously watched.

    In order to understand the character, Gojo needs to watch at least 100+ anime episodes and play an eroge game. Because of this, he became the living embodiment of commitment.

  3. Marin Kitagawa’s Guide Books

    In every perfect and beautiful cosplay, there is a guidebook somewhere left behind. In the anime, Marin showed Gojo her guidebook for cosplay making, which includes valuable content on how to use a sewing machine, how to make patterns, and even how to apply make-up.

    Always remember that guidebooks are only guides and that following them requires understanding and technical skills.

  4. Marin Kitagawa’s Measurements

    Before going on a shopping spree and making a pattern, Gojo understands that he needs to get Marin’s measurements first.

    It is really important to understand the entire process of cosplay making instead of going into a frenzy and confusing state. Since Gojo is a very organized person, he wants to establish Marin’s measurements first in order to cut costs as well as finish the patterns.

  5. Gojo Wakana’s Patterns

    Now that the measurements have been established, Gojo needs to draw out the most difficult patterns to follow. Making patterns is not an easy task, as seen in Gojo’s hardships in the series.

    Because he wanted to make the perfect cosplay for Marin, he decided to go to the extreme by drawing the patterns along with every intricate detail, which surprised Marin.

  6. Gojo and Marin Shopping Ideas

    It is better to shop for materials if you have a companion. Not only will you have different opinions, but you two will also have the chance to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the materials.

    Also, you and your friend will have a fun and enjoyable shopping experience. In the anime, Gojo and Marin discuss the correct fabrics for the cosplay as well as the color of the wigs.

  7. Marin Kitagawa’s Makeup Tutorials

    While Gojo’s strength relies on his ability to make cosplay pieces, Marin excels in the makeup department.

    Like Juju-Sama, Marin decides to be faithful to Shizuku-tan’s makeup, from her eyeshadow to her lipstick. Eyebrows, eyelashes, and even eyelid touch-ups are also discussed in the anime in order to stay true to the source material.

  8. Marin Kitagawa's Gallery

    Marin Kitagawa’s cellphone gallery is full of downloaded photos of cosplayers of all kinds.

    From cute and famous cosplayers to girl cosplayers who portray bishounen or boys, Marin’s gallery needs to be updated in order to come up with the perfect cosplay on par with others.

  9. Marin Kitagawa’s Photos

    Cosplayers need a lot of social following in order to become well-known across the community. Hence, Marin needs to take photos of her cosplays in order to attract people and other cosplayers for collaboration purposes. Marin must also update on a regular basis for people to fuss over.

    In the anime, Juju-sama saw Marin’s photos, which eventually led to the collaboration of both cosplayers. Another tip is to rent a cosplay studio that will provide the perfect background for the characters being portrayed. Furthermore, a high-resolution camera is also needed in order to capture the right angle of the cosplayers as well as the detailed work in the cosplay pieces.

  10. Gojo and Marin at Conventions

    After the cosplay is finished, it is only necessary to show it off at a cosplay convention, like what Marin and Gojo did in the anime.

    This is the perfect chance to channel the character and portray them as faithfully as you can. Aside from that, this is an opportunity for everyone to capture your photos and increase your popularity in the cosplay community.

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