My Dress-Up Darling: Does Sajuna Inui Like Gojo Wakana?

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My Dress-Up Darling continues to attract viewers with its pleasant narrative and unique characters that not only entertain but also convey important messages. Marin, as we all know, is the main female heroine of the story and has a soft spot for Gojo. Anyway, Marin does not appear to be the only one keeping an eye out on our Hina artist. Hence, fans wonder: Does Sajuna Inui like Gojo Wakana?

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Who is Sajuna Inui?

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Sajuna Inui is a mysterious and fascinating cosplayer with a storied history and extensive expertise in the cosplay community. She has acquired a lucrative career that dates back to her perfectly-made cosplay shots, which are admired by many of her followers, including Marin Kitagawa, as her online cosplay persona of "Juju." She is portrayed as an all-knowing cosplayer who is well-versed in the art's dos and don'ts.

After seeing Marin's cosplay photos on a social networking site, Sajuna Inui makes her debut in Episode 6 of the anime, when she tracks down Gojo Wakana. To everyone's surprise, Sajuna goes out of her way to follow Gojo's grandfather to his house, despite her childlike appearance. There, she faces an unimaginable fate that will live on in the anime forever.

Despite her baby face, Sajuna is Marin and Gojo's senpai. Sajuna pales in comparison to her younger sister Shinju in terms of height and vital statistics. Moreover, Sajuna has a tsundere attitude towards Gojo and the others in the anime. When someone compliments Sajuna, she blushes and becomes flustered, despite her best efforts to ignore them.

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Sajuna Inui and Gojo Wakana Relationship

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In My Dress-Up Darling, Sajuna and Gojo share an unusual relationship. They not only have a catastrophic encounter, but they also have an agreement between an employer and her employee. One fateful day, because of the downpour, Gojo's grandfather invites Sajuna inside their house for Gojo and Sajuna's first encounter. Sajuna eventually goes in for a shower, and Gojo accidentally opens the bathroom door out of curiosity.

While Sajuna is bare-chested and holding just a towel, Gojo sees everything about Sajuna, much to the horror of both of them. When Sajuna slips and falls in her butt, revealing to Gojo the entirety of every woman's well-being, the scenario becomes even more tragic. This may be one of the anime's most iconic scenes. Gojo deserves flak for being a cultured man.

Despite their absurd meeting, Sajuna and Gojo resolve to form a partnership, similar to Marin's. Sajuna seemed to be impressed with Gojo's cosplay skills, as evidenced by Marin's Shizuku-tan cosplay. As a result, she decides to recruit Gojo's help in putting together her Blaze cosplay.

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Does Inui Sajuna Like Gojo Wakana?

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Yes, indeed! It's clear that Sajuna Inui likes Gojo Wakana. Sajuna appears to have developed feelings for Gojo primarily as a result of two things: Gojo's kindness and his cosplay expertise.

Except for Non-chan, his childhood friend, Gojo is a kind and soothing protagonist who complements all of the female characters in the series. He acts like a big brother to Sajuna, always by her side.

This is clearly demonstrated in the anime when Sajuna becomes terrified inside the hospital while they are in the middle of a group photoshoot. Gojo immediately searches for Sajuna and discovers her battling emotional and mental issues and fighting her trauma. Following that sequence, they have an important conversation together that both of them can relate to.

Gojo, on the other hand, has been kind to Sajuna's younger sister, Shinju. Despite her outward appearance, Sajuna is a devoted sister to Shinju. She has even told Gojo that she envies him for being able to assist Shinju in convincing her to try cosplay.

Sajuna shares the story behind her love of cosplay in the middle of the conversation, which Gojo finds very relatable. He gets carried away and grabs Sajuna's hand, much to her surprise, as it is the first time a boy has grabbed her hand. Unfortunately, Sajuna fainted as a result of her embarrassment and blushing.


Marin, on the other hand, is the anime's main character, which translates to her being Gojo's romantic interest. Some fans believe Marin is unbeatable and will win the battle for Gojo's heart at the end of the franchise. However, some Sajuna Inui fans believe that the story of any female characters in the anime does not end until the manga ends.

Do you support Sajuna or Marin? Let's see what happens next as My Dress-Up Darling concludes!

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