Who is Gojo’s Childhood Friend in My Dress-Up Darling?

Gojo’s Childhood Friend in My Dress-Up Darling

Gojo’s Childhood Friend in My Dress-Up Darling

My Dress-Up Darling is one of the most endearing and adorable romantic comedy shoujo anime to ever exist. Aside from its relatable characters, Gojo and Marin’s moments are also amusing to watch.

Like many anime, My Dress-Up Darling has its own unique plot narrative. One of the best plot narratives rendered in the anime is Gojo’s past memories, which include his childhood friend.

We all know by now that Gojo’s childhood friend despised him because of his liking for Hina dolls. Because of this, Gojo’s mentality about other people has been ruined, and he grew up to be an outcast, always spending time alone.

Anyway, some fans address the unidentified childhood friend as Non-chan. Who is Non-chan? Who is Gojo’s Childhood Friend?

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Is Marin Gojo’s Childhood Friend?

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Marin Kitagawa is the main female protagonist of My Dress-Up Darling. She is also Gojo’s beautiful and popular classmate, whom he hasn’t even talked to since his first day at school.

One day after class, Marin bumps into Gojo in the home economics classroom because she is looking for a sewing machine for her cosplay. The two leads eventually meet, and a partnership agreement has blossomed since then.

In all honesty, if Marin is revealed as Gojo’s childhood friend, the plot narrative will demean the premise of Marin’s character as well as her growing relationship with Gojo. It will end up too cliché, like any other shoujo anime that reveals a shocking plot twist coming from the perspective of the main character’s childhood friend.

It will be ironic and weird for Marin to be assumed as Gojo's childhood friend. Most likely, Marin is not Gojo’s childhood friend because It could potentially ruin the whole concept of the story.

Is Nowa Gojo’s Childhood Friend?

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Nowa Sugaya is introduced in the series as one of Marin’s friends. Like Marin, she is also Gojo’s classmate. Nowa appears next to Marin in every episode of the anime. Marin, as polite as ever, even introduced her to Gojo.

Interestingly, fans have speculated about Nowa’s hidden identity. Some claim that Nowa is indeed Gojo’s childhood friend due to the resemblance of the two individuals. Similar to Non-chan, Nowa has the same black hair without the visible red streaks, while also having the same black eyes.

In some manga panels of My Dress-Up Darling, some fans point out how Nowa is surprised to see Gojo inside the classroom, which perhaps hints at the previous relationship between the two. There are also subtle hints in the manga that increase the possibility of Nowa being Gojo’s childhood friend. At this point, we still don’t know.

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Who is Gojo’s Childhood Friend?

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The anime, including the manga, has yet to reveal the true identity of Gojo’s childhood friend. As of this writing, fans are still clamoring and speculating about Non-chan. If you are a manga reader, perhaps you know about Akira-san. Just like Nowa, she also resembles Non-chan with her black hair and black eyes.

At this point, the identity of Gojo’s childhood friend is still unknown. We still have to wait to confirm whether it is Marin, Nowa, Akira, or perhaps another character who is Gojo’s childhood friend.

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