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My Dress-Up Darling: What are the Symbols on Marin’s Legs?

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Credit: Clover Works

My Dress-Up Darling features Marin Kitagawa as its female lead. She is portrayed as a slender, curvy, and busty girl that knows how to show off her oozing appeal towards the male lead, Gojo Wakana.

Ever since the two of them began their partnership, Marin has continued to rouse Gojo with her teasing and provocative advances, much to the teen’s embarrassment. Part of her teasing includes her liberated view of her sexuality, passion, and interests in life.

In one particular scene of the anime, Marin is seen cosplaying as Shizuku-tan from Saint Slippery’s Academy for Girls -The Young Ladies of the Humiliation Club: Debauched Miracle Life 2. While posing for the camera, Marin’s underpants were accidentally shown because of the wind. While her underpants were captured, the attention of the viewers focused on the symbols on Marin’s legs.

While some fans shrugged the symbols off, some deliberately made research. Lucky for you, Epicstream also investigated the symbols. Hence, we ask, what are the symbols on Marin’s legs?

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My Dress-Up Darling’s Ecchi Theme

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Credit: Clover Works

While My Dress-Up Darling has shown some lewd scenes to the viewers, not to mention Gojo’s controversial deed in one of the episodes of the anime, the creators did a very good job of maintaining the wholesomeness and ingenuity of every sequence between Marin and Gojo.

Despite some of the anime’s provocative scenes, which I believe we can all agree that we love, My Dress-Up Darling continues to be successful in delivering the essential elements of the anime. For instance, its plot narrative, animation scenes, character development, as well as its social commentary are all noteworthy. Although the anime has a lot of fan service, My Dress-Up Darling does not deviate from its wholesome roots.

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Who is Shizuku-tan from My Dress-Up Darling?

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Credit: Clover Works

In order to properly explain the symbols on Marin’s legs, it is essential to introduce Shizuku-tan first. Shizuku-tan is Marin’s favorite character from the eroge (erotic) game Saint Slippery’s Academy for Girls: The Young Ladies of the Humiliation Club: Debauched Miracle Life 2.

The game is about the grandson of the school chairman enrolling in an all-girls school where Shizuku-tan and others become his sex slaves. With that said, one of Marin’s dreams is to cosplay as Shizuku-tan exactly as she was portrayed in the game, from head to toe.

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What are the Symbols on Marin’s Legs?

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Credit: Clover Works

As seen from the featured image, the symbols look like, 正 which means "correct". At the same time, it is also a Chinese symbol that means "regular" or "true".

Meanwhile, in Japan, this particular symbol represents explicit and NSFW (Not Safe For Work) tally marks. If you happen to watch at least one hentai (R18+ graphic anime) in your life, perhaps you might have encountered these tally marks.

For your information, the symbols on Marin’s legs indicate the body count of Shizuku-tan and not Marin’s. If you’re not a cultured man or woman, body count refers to the number of people that someone has had sex with.

Hence, in this case, the symbols in Marin’s leg indicate the number of people that Shizuku-tan had sex with within the eroge game Saint Slippery’s Academy for Girls-The Young Ladies of the Humiliation Club: Debauched Miracle Life 2.


In some translations, the symbols do not indicate the body count but instead refer to the number of times Shizuku-tan had sex with the main character of the game. To be more specific, the tally marks added up 17 times!

These symbols need to be explained thoroughly, as a lot of viewers mistake Marin as the bearer of the symbols. It is often believed by people that Marin had previously engaged in sexual activities due to her controversial tally marks.

Since Marin is seriously committed to portraying Shizuku-tan, all her details should be properly cosplayed, which is also explained in the anime. If you can recall, Gojo even asked Marin about the symbols and told him the actual reason during the anime sequence on the stairs.

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