The Best and Fiercest Fights in Demon Slayer

The Best and Most Intense Fights From Demon Slayer Tanjiro

The Best and Most Intense Fights From Demon Slayer Tanjiro

Demon Slayer features some of the finest fight scenes that almost look like a stellar dance sequence with violence and bloodshed. The jaw-dropping battle scenes are breathtaking, and it is difficult to pick only one, so we have a list of some of the most intense and best fights from Demon Slayer.

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  1. Tanjiro vs. Sabito

    In the last phase of Tanjiro’s Final Selection exam, Sabito appears to help him with his preparations. Sabito is brutal and does not mince his words as he duels with Tanjiro.

    To become an official Demon Slayer, Tanjiro must clear Sakonji’s test and that involves chopping a boulder into two. Tanjiro starts practicing with Sabito.

    The final battle with Sabito is brief, but he teaches a crucial lesson to Tanjiro.

    The battle ends with Tanjiro’s single slash and it is one dazzling move against Sabito.

  2. Nezuko and Tanjiro vs. Swamp Demon

    This is Tanjiro’s first-ever mission and he is up against a demon who is kidnapping and eating young girls.

    The battle takes Tanjiro inside the swamp and he can sense the presence of a demon.

    He prepares to counter using Water Breathing, Fifth Form: Blessed Rain After the Drought.

    Tanjiro figures that there are three Swamp Demons preparing to attack. He uses the Water Breath Technique extensively and goes hard against the Swamp Demons in their own backyard.

    Meanwhile, Tanjiro’s sister, Nezuko, is also getting powerful because of her demon blood, and she showcases her strength by kicking a demon’s head off.

  3. Shinobu vs. Spider Sister

    Featured in the Mount Natagumo arc, Shinobu battles the member of the Rui’s spider clan.

    Up until this fight, Shinobu did not get any massive chance to show off her incredible moves. But against Spider Sister, she unleashes her power with utmost grace.

    The fight between Spider Sister and Shinobu starts with the former moving away from her. The Spider Sister tries to capture Shinobu using an acidic cocoon.

    However, Shinobu is easily able to dodge the attack. Moreover, she starts dominating the fight by pinning Spider Sister.

    Spider Sister Demon Slayer
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    Eventually, She begs Shinobu to let her go. She also confesses that Rui forced her to commit the crimes.

    Sadly, it is too late as Shinobu cannot look past the fact that Spider Sister killed more than 80 innocent humans.

    The fight ends with Shinobu injecting poison to kill Spider Sister.

  4. Tanjiro vs. Kyogai

    This fight is set in the Tsuzumi Mansion where Tanjiro prepares to battle a former Lower Rank Six named Kyogai.

    It is revealed that Kyogai is desperately looking to get his hands on rare blood, and ends up abducting a child.

    Tanjiro and the other Demon Slayers arrive at the Tsuzumi Mansion to investigate. Tanjiro soon realizes that Kyogai is a tough opponent to beat.

    Kyogai can rotate the room using his blood demon art. He can also teleport and attack his enemies by striking the drums on his body.

    Tanjiro knows that he cannot get closer to Kyogai. But as the battle progresses, Tanjiro uses the Water Breathing Technique to find a way to strike his opponent.

    Kyogai in Demon Slayer
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    Tanjiro and Kyogai’s battle looks beautiful and extremely challenging for the Demon Slayer.

    It is interesting to note that Tanjiro even praises Kyogai’s blood art technique and revealing that he is an empath.

    The battle concludes with Tanjiro winning by beheading Kyogai.

  5. Zenitsu vs. Spider Son

    A fight that indeed stretches Zenitsu’s limits and also shows how powerful and resilient he is.

    When it comes to Spider Demons, Zenitsu abhors them and is terrified to face these creepy-crawly beasts. Before the fight begins, Spider Son is shown taunting Zenitsu.

    He also informs Zenitsu that he has already poisoned him. Zenitsu is horrified and immediately climbs up a tree.

    Later, he faints and falls off the branch he was sitting on. Spider Son could not believe that a weakling like him was sent to kill his family.

    Soon, Zenitsu regains consciousness and prepares to launch an attack. Spider Son attacks with Poison Sputum and spits a blob of deadly acidic poison.

    Best Demon Slayer Fights Zenitsu Spider Son
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    Spider Son is shocked to see the sudden shift in Zenitsu’s demeanor. Meanwhile, Zenitsu unleashes a lethal version of the Thunder Breathing Technique.

    Toward the end of the battle, Spider Son becomes restless and feels cornered. He attempts to spit a poisonous blob at Zenitsu but fails.

    The epic fight ends with Zenitsu decapitating Spider Son using Thunder Breathing First Form: Thunderclap and Flash, and later extending it Sixfold.

    This battle also delves deeper into Zenitsu’s backstory as he reminisces on the events that led him to encounter his master.

    After the fight ends, Zenitsu is severely wounded because of Spider Son’s relentless attacks.

  6. Tanjiro and Nezuko vs. Rui

    This fight against Rui is a testament to how close Tanjiro and Nezuko are to each other.

    Rui, a Lower Rank Five, wants to take Nezuko with him. He attempts to negotiate with Tanjiro and states that he will spare him if he parts ways with his sister.

    However, Tanjiro, vehemently, denies it and announces that he will never leave Nezuko. He also declares that he will behead Rui.

    Then Rui challenges Tanjiro to a battle. Rui kickstarts by entangling Nezuko in his web of threads.

    Tanjiro does not waste a moment and lunges toward Rui with his Nichirin blade. Meanwhile, Nezuko is trying her best to escape from her captor’s grasp.

    However, Rui threatens that he will leave her hanging until sunrise and eventually, she will burn and disintegrate.

    Tanjiro from Demon Slayer anime
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    At this point, Tanjiro screams at Rui and commands him to let her go. A fierce battle between Tanjiro and Rui ensues.

    Tanjiro goes for Rui’s neck but couldn’t even scratch it. Rui kicks him and declares that Tanjiro can never beat him.

    Meanwhile, the threads are tightening and cutting through Nezuko’s tender flesh. She screams in agony as the wound deepens.

    Tanjiro tells Nezuko telepathically to control her emotions or she might lose the battle.

    During the fight, Tanjiro utilizes Hinokami Kagura to slice through his opponent’s Blood Demon Art.

    Meanwhile, Nezuko notices that her brother might be in danger and she uses her Blood Demon Art: Exploding Blood to save him.

    Tanjiro beheading Rui in Demon Slayer
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    Toward the end of the fight, Nezuko and Tanjiro’s bond ensures that Rui is destroyed.

    This has to be one of the most emotional fights because it strengthened Tanjiro and Nezuko’s resolve to stand by each other.

  7. Akaza vs. Rengoku

    Flame Hashira Rengoku is pitted against Upper Rank Three Akaza in Demon Slayer’s Mugen Train Arc.

    This battle is a visual spectacle with gorgeous fight choreography between the combatants.

    Akaza is incredibly powerful because of his unsurmountable strength and instant regeneration capability.

    However, Rengoku holds his ground and ensures that the citizens and his comrades are safe.

    Rengoku gives his all to this battle and launches his most powerful Flame Breathing Technique. Unfortunately, Akaza wins this fight.

    Sadly, fans witness Rengoku’s death. His final smile before his death is immensely heartbreaking and left fans in tears.

  8. Nezuko vs. Daki

    This is that one battle where Nezuko loses it and outshines Tanjiro in the brutality department.

    Featured in the Entertainment District Arc of Demon Slayer, Daki is all set to chop off Tanjiro’s head, but Nezuko appears and kicks her head hard.

    Nezuko is furious and fears that she might lose Tanjiro. She prepares to battle against Daki.

    Meanwhile, Daki manages to counter her attack and even cuts off her limb. But Nezuko is able to regenerate and also changes her form.

    It is important to note that Nezuko in her demonic state is ruthless and eventually she starts attacking the injured civilians who were bleeding.

    Tanjiro has to intervene and calm her down by reminding her of the family’s past. He physically embraces her to ensure that she can put her guard down.

  9. Inosuke and Zenitsu vs. Daki

    Another one from the Entertainment District Arc, Inosuke and Zenitsu’s epic battle against Daki on the rooftops of the district.

    The Demon Slayers are struggling to decapitate Daki. However, Zenitsu and Inosuke showcase their teamwork and make sure they win this one.

    In the beginning, Zenitsu takes on Daki alone but she overpowers him. Zenitsu is on the verge of facing defeat and Daki is busy bragging about how she will win this fight.

    At that moment, Inosuke appears to fight alongside his fellow comrade. Inosuke himself was about to die but he could rearrange his organs to revive and bounce back.

    Along with Zenitsu, Inosuke goes after Daki’s neck with his jagged swords. Turns out, the jagged blades manage to cut through her obi-like neck.

    The fight ends with Daki begging Gyutaro to protect her from the Demon Slayers.

  10. Tengen and Tanjiro vs. Gyutaro

    At our number one spot, we have Tengen and Tanjiro’s brutal fight against Gyutaro in the Demon Slayer’s Entertainment District Arc.

    The battle against Gyutaro is one of the toughest as the holder of the Upper Moon position makes it extremely difficult for the Demon Slayers.

    Gyutaro possesses sickles made of blood that can poison the opponent. During the confrontation, the sickles almost kill Tengen.

    However, Tengen could control the circulation of his blood flow and managed to continue fighting.

    Elsewhere, Gyutaro almost defeats Tanjiro, but the Demon Slayer unlocks a new power and fights back.

    The battle also showcases how Gyutaro and Daki could merge into one and fight against their enemies.

    Meanwhile, when Gyutaro merges with Daki, Tanjiro realizes how strong the bond between siblings is.

What is your favorite Demon Slayer fight? If we missed your fave, share it with us on Twitter @epicstreamanime.

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