5 Reasons Demon Slayer’s Zenitsu Is an Underrated Character

5 Reasons Demon Slayer’s Zenitsu Is an Underrated Character

5 Reasons Demon Slayer’s Zenitsu Is an Underrated Character

Aside from its breathtaking action scenes, Demon Slayer is known for its great characters. Tanjiro, Nezuko, Inosuke, and even the different Hashira receive praise from fans. But that is not the case with Zenitsu. In this article, we pose 5 reasons Demon Slayer’s Zenitsu is an underrated character.

An underrated character is someone who is not liked by a lot of people. It is someone who does not get enough credit for their part in the series.

Usually, supporting characters are underrated, as the focus is more on the main character. But could this be the only reason Zenitsu is considered underrated?

  1. Zenitsu acts cowardly

    We can all agree that we will undoubtedly freak out when we see a demon. But Zenitsu is not a regular citizen; he is a demon slayer trained to kill demons.

    Even if it was not his original plan, his training and experience should make him less of a coward.

    He shrieks, cries, and even loses consciousness whenever he encounters a demon. His reactions add entertainment value to the show, but fans do not seem to appreciate it.

  2. Zenitsu is a wannabe womanizer

    Zenitsu showed hints of being a wannabe womanizer in how he tried his best to win a woman’s heart. But his personality, particularly his cowardice, makes him creepy.

    Womanizing characters in anime usually ooze with charisma, but Zenitsu’s lack of confidence prevents him from being like that.

    He tends to beg the woman to accept him instead of making her run after him. This side of Zenitsu is interesting and funny, but most fans do not seem to get it at all.

  3. Zenitsu can perform only one breathing form

    Each breathing technique comprises different forms. Tanjiro’s Water Breathing technique has eight forms. Meanwhile, Zenitsu’s Thunder Breathing technique has seven forms, but he can only do the first form.

    Mastering the first form is essential in this particular breathing technique, and only Zenitsu can do it.

    The former Thunder Hashira made him the successor of the Thunder Breathing technique.

    This achievement of Zenitsu makes him a good character, but viewers tend to compare him to other skilled characters.

    If he could do the other forms of the Thunder Breathing technique, he might be more confident in himself.

  4. Zenitsu needs to be unconscious to perform well

    One of Zenitsu's intriguing aspects is that he can perform the first form of the Thunder Breathing technique when he is unconscious.

    Although this happens all the time whenever he encounters a demon, his cowardice is still evident in this aspect.

    What will happen when the time comes that he no longer faints whenever he sees a demon?

    Would that stop him from using the Thunder Breathing technique? Zenitsu must overcome his fear and fight like the rest of the demon slayers.

  5. Zenitsu’s personality is extreme

    Zenitsu’s personality does not end after he shows how afraid he is of demons or how desperate he is whenever he sees a woman. It extends to other aspects of his life as well.

    As such, Zenitsu tends to overreact about everything. His personality makes him relatable, as he constantly reminds viewers that the series is not a typical anime show.

    Everything around him is out of the average life viewers experience every day. His life is constantly in danger, and he trains like he is going to die the next day, and so on.

    His exaggerated personality adds to the show's comic relief, but since not all shounen anime fans are used to it, they feel annoyed by his character.

Should Zenitsu Be Less Underrated?

Zenitsu Final Thoughts
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Zenitsu is an underrated character because of his overall personality. But viewers tend to forget that he is a crucial character in the series.

He is always there whenever Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Nezuko need assistance, and his skill can kill a demon in a blink of an eye.

He might be annoying for some, but Zenitsu deserves credit as well. He protected Nezuko’s box without even knowing what was inside.

Demon Slayer Zenitsu
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He also informs the group whenever he hears something unusual.

Therefore, the Thunder Breathing demon slayer should be appreciated for his kind heart and powerful skills.

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