Demon Slayer: Can Nezuko Become an Upper Moon?

Can Demon Slayer’s Nezuko Become an Upper Moon?

Can Demon Slayer’s Nezuko Become an Upper Moon?

Nezuko is indeed a strong demon. Not to mention that she has abilities that even Muzan doesn't have, making her the chosen one. So, does this mean that Nezuko is fit to be an Upper Moon or at least a part of the Twelve Kizuki?

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Who Are the Twelve Kizuki?

There are the Twelve Kizuki or the Twelve Demon Moons in Demon Slayer. They are considered the antagonistic faction of the series.

The group consists of twelve powerful demons that Muzan Kibutsuji commands.

He gave them some of his blood to improve their abilities and skills.

Who Are the Twelve Kizuki?
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The group is divided into Upper Ranks and Lower Ranks or Upper Moon and Lower Moon.

Each demon has a number engraved in its eye. Lower ranks have it on one eye, while Upper Ranks have the number on both eyes.

Since Muzan is their master, he can replace or kill them once he believes they are not worthy enough to be part of the organization.

So, Can Nezuko Become an Upper Moon?

Can Demon Slayer’s Nezuko Become an Upper Moon?
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In the series, it has been emphasized that Nezuko has unique abilities. She can stay alive even without consuming human blood, which is impossible for regular demons.

She also has an extraordinary growth rate even without training. She can also enter a berserk state that enhances her physical abilities. During this time, her regeneration can match that of the Upper Ranks.

Another ability that makes her different is sunlight resistance. This is the ability that Muzan wanted to have, as it is the only thing stopping him from achieving his goals.

In the Entertainment District arc, Nezuko fought against Daki, who was part of the Upper Moon.

The fight showed Nezuko's power compared to Daki, especially in terms of regeneration and strength.

Since it has been established that Muzan knows everything his demons know, some believe he might take Nezuko and make her part of the Twelve Demon Moons.

While there is a huge possibility for that to happen, some facts need to be considered. For instance, Nezuko harms demons and not humans.

Her Blood Demon Art cannot be used on humans, and her mind was trained so she would never harm humans.

With these, it would be hard for Muzan to control her and make her submit to him and his goals.

Nezuko could be a great addition to the Twelve Demon Moons, but with her abilities used against demons, she would always be that demon that got away.

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