Does Tanjiro Turn into a Demon in Demon Slayer?

Does Tanjiro Turn into a Demon in Demon Slayer?

Does Tanjiro Turn into a Demon in Demon Slayer?

In Demon Slayer, anyone can be a demon. After the unfortunate events that happened to the Kamado family, viewers of the series have expected that there is a chance Tanjiro will turn into a demon.

It could be a good thing, as his sister is already one and it could help him acquire more powers.

Muzan seemed to have taken interest in him which would be a hint that he could make Tanjiro a demon and add him to his Twelve Kizuki. If that happens, what will happen to Tanjiro? What will the Hashira and the rest of the demon slayers do?

Does Tanjiro Turn into a Demon in Demon Slayer?

Does Tanjiro Turn into a Demon?
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In the final chapters of Demon Slayer, Muzan converts Tanjiro into a demon. The demon king wanted someone to continue his legacy and believes that Tanjiro is perfect for the job.

All of Muzan’s powers and feelings were transferred to Tanjiro and the latter actually turned into a Demon King.

Tanjiro acquired regeneration abilities that are better than all other demons. He is also resistant to sunlight, which is similar to Nezuko’s ability.

He also gained Muzan’s ability to grow tentacles. These will appear on his back and can move fast. If those were not enough, Tanjiro has Shockwave Energy Blast that allows him to scream and release shockwaves.

Does Tanjiro Stay As A Demon Or Revert to A Human?

Does Tanjiro Stay As A Demon Or Revert Back to Human?
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Tanjiro becomes a human again after Tamayo gave him a drug, which she also used to turn Nezuko back into a human. It also helped that Tanjiro was able to free himself from the mental battle that caused his transformation.

Of course, the cure will not be complete without Nezuko’s help.

Nezuko developed antibodies after she got Tamayo’s antidote which is why when Tanjiro bit his sister, she didn’t turn into a demon.

What happened was she passed the antibodies to Tanjiro, boosting the cure in his body. The combination became a miracle cure that saved his life.

Some manga readers felt that the scene was rushed considering that he was able to transform back within two chapters but maybe because, at that point in the story, Tamayo was ready with the cure. They just need Tanjiro to take it.

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