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How Does the Demon Moon Ranking Work in Demon Slayer?

The Twelve Kizuki or Twelve Demon Moons is an organization formed by Muzan Kibutsuji. They are comprised of the twelve powerful demons under his command. All of them received a portion of his blood to boost their abilities and skills. There are two categories under the Twelve Demon Moons: Upper Ranks and Lower Ranks.

The Upper Ranks are comprised of demons that possess immense strength, better than the Lower Ranks. They must have killed numerous Hashira. The Lower Ranks are the weaker set of demons but still stronger than the normal ones. This set is usually changed and replaced by Muzan himself.

How Does the Demon Moon Ranking Work in Demon Slayer?

How Does the Demon Moon Ranking Work in Demon Slayer?
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How Does the Demon Moon Ranking Work in Demon Slayer?

The Twelve Demon Moons have three main tasks: search for the mythical Blue Spider Lily to help Muzan achieve an immortal body, eliminate Demon Slayer Corps, and serve Muzan all their lives. They should remain loyal to him and would always be there whenever he needs them to be. As mentioned, they are divided into two. Muzan is the one who decides which category each demon is placed in.

Each Upper-Rank demon has a counterpart in the Lower Rank demons. In order to be part of the Upper Moon, the demon must be strong enough to eliminate a Hashira. They should have the abilities that could defeat any demon slayer. The Upper Ranks and Lower Ranks are ranked from one to six.

One is the strongest while six is the weakest. Since the Upper Ranks are stronger, it is obvious that Muzan favors this group. It is also important to take note that only strong demons can withstand a huge amount of Muzan’s blood. If the demon is weak, he or she can turn into ash after consuming Muzan’s blood.

He ranks his demons based on power and usefulness. If he believes that the demon is no longer useful, he will not have second doubts and eliminate that demon. The strongest demon in the group is, of course, Upper-Rank one. It is a former demon slayer named Tsugikuni Michikatsu. He accepted Muzan’s offer to be a demon but his skills were just second to Muzan.

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