6 Reasons Demon Slayer Is So Popular

Why Is Demon Slayer So Popular
Credit: Ufotable

Why Is Demon Slayer So Popular
Credit: Ufotable

Demon Slayer is finally back on our screens with the Swordsmith Village arc and fans are loving it. But just why is Demon Slayer so popular?

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  1. Distinct and Colorful Art Style

    Even if you don't particularly enjoy shounen anime, it's hard to resist the gorgeous animation of Demon Slayer.

    Studio Ufotable has an impressive track record of great animation, which includes works such as Fate/Zero.

    But they really outdid themselves with Demon Slayer.

    Ufotable has brought the Demon Slayer manga's designs to life in the most beautiful way.

    Few viewers will forget the first episode's snowy landscapes.

    Moreover, the character designs look very distinct and memorable, becoming fertile ground for fan art and cosplays.

  2. Cool Powers and Abilities

    Demon Slayer has a big cast of characters with interesting abilities.

    A prime example are the Hashira, each of whom has a different power based on breathing.

    But even less prominent characters -- demons and demon slayers alike -- are occasionally given time to shine.

    Escapist adventure anime tend to get a more massive following than the quiet, more introspective ones.

    If the fight scenes feature cool powers, and they are well-thought-of and nicely choreographed, they can really skyrocket a show's popularity.

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  3. An Endearing Cast

    It's hard for any show to do well without a great cast that fans will care about. Demon Slayer is good in that regard.

    In many ways, Tanjiro is a typical shounen protagonist, but fans have come to care about his journey, and his wish to protect his sister resonates.

    Many fans find Nezuko in particular very endearing due to her cute design, selflessness, and strong will.

    But almost all characters Tanjiro encounters add their own unique touches. Fans are particularly fond of Zenitsu and Inosuke, among others.

  4. An Interesting and Lush Setting

    Demon Slayer is set during a fictionalized Taisho era, which makes it distinct from other works.

    A lot of fantasy anime take place in secondary worlds which resemble a vague medievalist setting -- European or Japanese. Other works take place in modern times.

    Demon Slayer makes good use of the setting and time period. The Taisho period was a time of fast modernization in Japan.

    Demon Slayer setting
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    Credit: Ufotable

    As such, advancements like trains are a huge surprise to characters like Tanjiro who grew up in rural parts.

    With technology and industry growth, people tend to forget or disregard demons, while carrying swords in public is a big no for most people.

    These are just a few of the cool ways in which Demon Slayer exploits its setting to create its own unique identity.

  5. The Family Dynamics

    We've already touched upon that quite a bit, but the family dynamics depicted in Demon Slayer might be another reason behind the show's popularity.

    The show is about two siblings navigating a cruel world after losing everything else -- a theme also explored in iconic anime like Fullmetal Alchemist.

    Demon Slayer family dynamics
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    Credit: Ufotable

    Moreover, the Hashira resemble a close-knit family, and, since Tanjiro and Nezuko meet several other characters, the found family trope is strong throughout.

    Not only is the found family motif very popular right now, but it also makes the show a bit more family-friendly and wholesome, which increases its viewership.

  6. A Shounen Formula That Works

    Ultimately, love it or hate it, Demon Slayer works because it does what many shounen anime do but does it in a memorable, and aesthetically pleasing way.

    If you want short anime with very original and dramatic plots that will always surprise you, you'll probably find Demon Slayer a bit simple.

    A hero's journey to grow stronger and protect his loved ones is a formula that we've seen a lot in different anime, particularly shounen works.

    But while the dark trio of shounen anime is gaining traction with their flawed characters and transgressive plots, more tame hero's journeys still work for many fans.

    This type of fantasy anime that focuses on a hero developing their powers and protecting others seems to be the kind that gets marketed the most widely.

    As such, any anime that does this formula well is bound to perform, and Demon Slayer is really nailing it.

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