Does Tanjiro Defeat Muzan in Demon Slayer?

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Does Tanjiro Defeat Muzan in Demon Slayer?

It is emphasized that the objective of the demon slayers is to eliminate Muzan, the King of Demons. Tanjiro joined to get his revenge against the demon who massacred his family and made his sister a demon, but does Tanjiro manage to defeat Muzan in Demon Slayer?

Will Tanjiro succeed in his mission? If he was able to defeat Muzan, does that mean that Nezuko is back to being a human? Or did Tanjiro fail and become a demon himself? Anime viewers have a lot of questions in their minds considering that Demon Slayer Season 3 is coming soon.

It is important to note that Demon Slayer’s manga has ended which means that manga readers already know what happens to Muzan towards the end. Anime-only viewers should beware of major spoilers below!

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Does Tanjiro Defeat Muzan in Demon Slayer?

Does Tanjiro Defeat Muzan?
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Tanjiro does defeat Muzan but he is not entirely alone. All of the demon slayers and Hashira came together to finally eliminate the demons during the Sunrise Countdown Arc.


Of course, knowing that Muzan has thousands of years of battling experience, it was not surprising that the protagonists would have a hard time winning.

It was their strategy and determination that gave them the advantage. Tamayo’s aging medicine helped in slowing down the Demon King.

Tanjiro was even turned into a demon by Muzan as the latter saw potential in him. Muzan wanted Tanjiro to continue his legacy.

It was not an easy fight for Tanjiro but they injected him with Tamayo’s medicine. After he bit Nezuko, Tanjiro got the antibodies he needed to be back to being a human.

He then finally grabbed the opportunity to eliminate the Demon King once and for all, along with the other demons left.

The ending might feel like it was rushed for some, but Demon Slayer was written beautifully the way it should be.

Tanjiro’s journey gave viewers and readers hope that if they wish to achieve something, they can achieve it if they don’t give up.

Even if hope was lost, Tanjiro pursued his mission and he succeeded with the help of everyone around him.

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