12 Demon Moons in Demon Slayer Ranked: Who Are They and What Are Their Powers?

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Also known as the 12 Demon Moons, the Twelve Kizuki is an organization that is comprised of the most powerful demons. Take note, in existence. They are all under the command of Muzan Kibutsuji, the Demon King in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

All of them received a large portion of Muzan’s blood to increase their strength and abilities. They are divided into two groups: Upper Ranks and Lower Ranks with each group comprising of 6 members. The members are numbered from one to six, based on their strength. Meaning, Upper Rank 1 is the strongest and Lower Rank 6 is the weakest. To determine the rank, the Lower Ranks have their number engraved into one eye, while the Upper Ranks have the kanji “Upper Rank” in their other eye and the remaining eye has the number. 

  1. Lower Rank 6 – Kyogai

    Those who watched the anime will be familiar with Kyogai as he is the Drum Demon. He was shown in the Tsuzumi Mansion Arc. His blood demon art is drumming as he has 6 Tsuzumi drums in his body. Each drum can have a certain effect on his surroundings but this is limited to the interior of the mansion, such as the drum in his right shoulder can rotate the room he is into the right. Aside from that, he can do Rapid Drumming which is increasing the speed of his drumming to boost his technique. He was then replaced by Kamanue. 

  2. Lower Rank 5 – Rui

    Rui is the primary antagonist in Natagumo Mountain Arc. Since he has a large portion of Muzan’s blood, he has immense strength that can conquer and cohere demons in the mountain. He has enhanced strength and durability as well. Like the Demon King, Rui can strengthen another demon with his blood and even give them spider-related abilities. Not only that, he can change their physical appearance. 

    His main combat is Thread Manipulation in which he uses threads for defense and offense. He can also increase the durability and sharpness of the threads – too powerful that it can break a Nichirin Blade. 

  3. Lower Rank 4 – Mukago

    Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about Mukago aside from being a Lower Rank Demon. She appeared during the Rehabilitation Arc wherein she and the rest of the Lower Ranks were called by Muzan. She was eventually killed after denying Muzan’s words. 

  4. Lower Rank 3 – Wakuraba

    Although he did not have much screen time, some of Wakuraba’s abilities were seen during the Rehabilitation Arc. He can regenerate but it appeared that this ability is not powerful enough to regrow his body after Muzan decapitated him. He also has enhanced speed as he showed how fast he can be when he attempted to escape the Infinity Castle. 

  5. Lower Rank 2 – Rokuro

    Like Mukago, there isn’t much information about Rokuro’s abilities. He had brief screen time during the Rehabilitation Arc wherein he tried to convince Muzan that he needs more blood to become stronger. Muzan seemed to be offended by the “order” of Rokuro and decided to kill him. 

  6. Lower Rank 1 – Enmu

    Those who watched the Mugen Train movie will surely know Enmu. He made his first appearance during the Rehabilitation Arc with the other Lower Rank demons and appeared again during the Mugen Train Arc. Like all the other 12 Kizuki, he has enhanced speed and reflexes. 

    His supernatural ability is flesh manipulation in which he can fuse in large and inanimate objects like the train. He can also create flesh detachments that allow his other body parts to be detached from the main body. His blood demon art is dream manipulation where he can enter, manipulate, and control someone’s dream. He can kill his victims by destroying the Spiritual Core. He can also cause people to sleep directly or indirectly. 

  7. Upper Rank 6 – Kaigaku

    Kaigaku is the one who replaced Daki and Gyutaro, the former Upper Rank 6. He was actually a former demon slayer and a senior disciple of Zenitsu. Since he was a former demon slayer, his reflexes and speed are above average. His blood demon art is electrokinesis which allows him to manipulate electricity and lightning. As a former Thunder Breathing user, his swordsmanship level is Hashira-level. 

  8. Upper Rank 5 – Gyokko

    Gyokko will appear during the Swordsmith Village Arc. His supernatural ability is that he can regenerate and was even improved after receiving more blood from Muzan. He can re-attach his severed head without issues and heal injuries almost immediately. 

    His blood demon art is his magical pots that allows him to do the following: aquatic creature manipulation (in which he can summon fish-like demons), cell manipulation (in which he can manipulate the cells of the people he trapped in the pots), water manipulation (in which he can create and even manipulate water from the pots), and teleportation (in which he can teleport from one pot to another). Aside from those, he can molt to change his appearance to increase his strength. 

  9. Upper Rank 4 – Nakime

    Originally, she is the Biwa Demon who was in charge of summoning demons to the Infinity Castle but she became Upper Rank 4 after Hantengu’s death. She can detach and create several eyeballs from her body to spy on people from a long-range. She can locate everyone hiding in the castle. 

    Her blood demon art is castle manipulation that allows her to create and manipulate an Infinite Castle with her Biwa. She can shape and create rooms for offensive purposes. It also gives her the power to ram her enemies to kill them. Other than those, she can manipulate the space to teleport those who are inside the castle to other locations. 

  10. Upper Rank 3 – Akaza

    Akaza appeared during the Mugen Train Arc wherein he defeated Rengoku, the Flame Hashira. He has immense strength, speed, durability, stamina, and reflexes as seen during their fight. Unlike lower-ranked demons, his tactical intellect is high which gives him the advantage during battle. He can regenerate and has enhanced senses as well. 

    His blood demon art is destructive death that takes the form of martial arts. He incorporated his moves with attacks and blasts to hit his opponents. With this blood demon art and his superhuman strength, he is a formidable opponent. 

  11. Upper Rank 2 – Doma

    Just like the other Upper-Rank demons, Doma has immense strength, speed, reflexes, and durability. He also has unlimited stamina and endurance. If those were not enough, he has keen and tactical intellect. 

    Doma’s blood demon art is cryokinesis that lets him generate ice and frost from his blood and flesh. He can also make a demonic powdered ice lethal to those who will inhale it. Usually, he channels his cryokinesis through his war fans to enhance his abilities. He can freeze people and objects at will too. His final technique is the Bodhisattva statue that has freezing attacks and deadly ice powder. 

  12. Upper Rank 1 – Kokushibo

    He is a former demon slayer and twin of Yoriichi Tsugikuni. As expected from the Upper Rank 1 demon, Kokushibo’s strength and power are above all the members of the 12 Demon Moons. He has enhanced physical abilities, improved mental abilities, and above-average supernatural abilities. 

    Crescent Moon Blades is his blood demon art that complemented his combat style which is Moon Breathing. With this ability, he can manipulate and create sharp blades from his katana that can change in speed, length, and size. 

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