Why Didn't Annie Join the Alliance Attack in Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3?

Why Annie Did Not Join the Alliance Attack in Season 4 Part 3?

Why Annie Did Not Join the Alliance Attack in Season 4 Part 3?

As the Female Titan, Annie Leonhart is needed in the Alliance to stop Eren. However, Annie refused to take part in the Alliance attack to face Eren directly. So, what is the real reason behind her refusal to join? Keep reading to find out!

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Why Did Annie Join the Alliance?

Why Annie Joined the Alliance?
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Annie believed that joining the Alliance and stopping Eren was the best way to return to her father, so she decided to join them.

It was established that Annie did not care about the Rumbling. While Gabi, Bertholdt, and Reiner showed regret for what they did to Paradis Island, Annie did not.

She joined the Alliance for her own selfish reason and not because she wanted to save humanity.

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There are a few possible reasons for this. One is that Annie’s personality has differed from others since the beginning. She is cold-hearted and simply does whatever is tasked to her.

Another reason might be because no one held her accountable for what she did, or they just forgave her too quickly.

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Why Did Annie Leave the Alliance?

Why Annie Left the Alliance?
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Once Annie agreed to the plan, all of the members of the Alliance started pursuing Eren. Annie even transformed into the Female Titan to help the Armored Titan finish the Yeagerists. However, she got injured in the attack, causing her to feel overwhelmed.

The attack against the Yeagerists appeared to be her call to leave the Alliance.

She realized that she no longer had a reason to fight, as her father was probably dead, and he was her sole purpose in trying to stop the Rumbling.

Hange and the others tried to convince her that there are still a lot of people they could save.

But Annie had another issue: she knew that when they face Eren, no one would have the guts to kill him. Mikasa would even protect him from them.

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Annie knew that the possibility of this happening was high, and she no longer had the will to kill Mikasa, Eren, or the remaining members of the Alliance.

She eventually re-joined after Gabi and Falco convinced her that Falco’s Titan could fly.

The three of them went to Fort Salta where they saved the Alliance from being devoured by Titans.

However, what really pushed her to help the Alliance complete its mission was when she found out that other Titans had captured Armin.

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