Attack on Titan Titans Ranked: Which is the Strongest Titan?

Attack on Titan Titans Ranked

Attack on Titan Titans Ranked

Attack on Titan is one of the most popular anime series of all time, and it’s easy to see why. I mean, what isn’t terrifying about a gigantic man-eating humanoid tearing down walls and buildings to eat you?!

The series is full of exciting moments with the titans, especially as their history is uncovered. Now, with the final season of the anime coming to an end, we’re taking a look back through the hit show and deciding which titan is strongest in Attack on Titan.

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Who Are the Nine Titans?

Attack on Titan Nine Titans Ranked
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First of all, a quick warning that the below might contain spoilers, especially if you’ve not seen seasons one or two of the show.

In Attack on Titan, the majority of titans are almost mindless creatures that simply live to devour humans. However, there are nine that possess far greater consciousness and are revealed to be controlled by other humans.

The Nine Titans come in various shapes and sizes, each possessing certain abilities that make it a unique weapon in combat. Below, we’ve ranked these titans from weakest to strongest.

A note on the list below: we have looked at the strongest, not necessarily the best or most powerful. Extra weight has been given to titans which have shown exceptional strength and fighting ability in the series.

  1. Cart Titan

    The Cart Titan is one of the most utilitarian titans in the show, which makes it exceptionally useful in war. With incredible endurance and a quadrupedal build allowing it to move on all fours, it is often straddled with supplies or weapons, hence its name.

    The Cart Titan has more endurance than any other titan, allowing it to stay in its titan form for extended periods. It is also quite quick, although the amount of weight on its back can hamper this somewhat.

    The downside for the Cart Titan is its defence. It is quite vulnerable compared to the other titans in this list, and in a one-on-one fight, has no particular attack strengths compared to the other titans.

  2. Female Titan

    The Female Titan is the first real experience of intelligent titans in the show, being the main antagonist for the end of season one.

    In fighting terms, the Female Titan is a classic all-rounder, showing ability in both attack and defence. It is a very agile fighter, which Annie makes full use of with her excellent martial arts. The Female Titan can also selectively harden its skin, useful for punishing attacks and strategic defence.

    Unfortunately, the Female Titan isn’t particularly ‘strong’, especially in comparison to other titans on this list. This lack of power is perhaps why she’s ultimately defeated during the first season.

  3. Beast Titan

    The Beast Titan, more so than others, changes its abilities depending on its host. For the sake of this argument, we’re looking at Zeke’s ape-like titan.

    The Beast Titan has one particularly deadly ability: throwing. Showcased in the Battle of Shiganshina in season three, the Beast can crush boulders and throw them with incredible accuracy, decimating enemy forces instantly. Zeke also maximises the Beast’s potential through his smarts and his royal blood.

    The Beast Titan’s strength is very much in long-range combat or directing other forces. On the few occasions it has been forced to fight one-on-one, it possesses no particular physical strengths beyond some basic hardening abilities.

  4. Jaw Titan

    The Jaw Titan would perhaps be one of the most annoying to take on in a fight for the other titans.

    This titan is smaller than the other titans on this list and is also comfortably the fastest, able to jump around buildings with incredible ease. It also has incredibly strong claws and jaw that can get through otherwise impenetrable barriers, even titan hardening.

    However, what it has in speed and agility, it loses in pure power. So long as it can be pinned, most titans below would be confident in delivering a finishing blow.

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  5. Armored Titan

    Sometimes, a good defence can make for a great attack. The Armored Titan, while relatively simple in design, makes for an incredibly difficult opponent.

    The Armored Titan, as you might expect, excels thanks to its plated skin, which can withstand almost all weaponry. However, it also doubles as a means of attack, allowing the Armoured Titan to ram into structures and other titans.

    Physically, the Armored Titan has good speed and strength. However, it has been overcome enough times by other titans to mean it doesn’t reach the top of this list.

  6. Founding Titan

    In many ways, the Founding Titan is the most powerful. With the use of a ‘scream’, the Founding Titan can take control of and pass orders to any other pure titans, (not those in this list), effectively creating an army of nearby titans.

    However, the Founding Titan’s abilities rely on the owner being of royal blood. Furthermore, its ability to control minds only works on Subjects of Ymir, the Eldians.

    When it comes to physical ability, the Founding Titan appears to be comparable to the Female Titan. While it is capable of handling itself in combat, its strength lies in its control over other titans.

  7. Colossal Titan

    One of the first titans seen in the series, the Colossal Titan is immediately depicted as a giant, seemingly unconquerable being.

    As the name suggests, one thing the Colossal Titan has over the others is its size; it is considerably taller than the other titans. With this size also comes incredible strength, enough to destroy walls and inflict serious damage on other titans.

    Just to add to its destructive power, the Colossal Titan can also cause a huge explosion when it transforms, and it can emit steam to repel nearby enemies.

    One potential weakness of the Colossal Titan is its speed. Due to its size, it’s arguably the slowest titan on this list, and while it can deliver devastating blows initially and in close quarters, they can be easily avoided if you know they’re coming.

  8. War Hammer Titan

    While its time in the story is short-lived, the War Hammer Titan certainly shows enough to live up to its name.

    The War Hammer Titan’s main ability is to create any structure through titan hardening. This ability allows it to produce a wide range of weapons that it can wield with devastating effects. The War Hammer Titan can also be controlled remotely, which is a unique advantage compared to the other titans.

    In combat, the War Hammer Titan appears very capable, with great strength and good agility that proves a good match for Eren’s Attack Titan.

  9. Attack Titan

    As is evidenced throughout the show, there is very little that can stand up to the speed and strength of the Attack Titan.

    On paper, the Attack Titan’s attributes are great, but not necessarily the best. It’s not as strong as the Colossal Titan and doesn’t have the speed of the Jaw or Cart Titans. However, it is above average in all areas, and it has a user that takes full advantage.

    Arguably, it’s Eren’s drive and determination that makes the Attack Titan so unstoppable. No matter what opponent it faces, the Attack Titan showcases unbelievable strength that allows it to win most battles.

Of course, which one of these titans would win in a fight would come down to a lot of factors. However, in terms of one-on-one strength on a neutral battlefield, could anybody stand up to Eren Yaeger’s ability?

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