Attack on Titan Final Season Episode 84: The Long-Awaited Fight Between Mikasa and Annie!?

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Credit: MAPPA

There are a lot of loose ends between two of the series' most powerful female characters, so fans are eager to see Mikasa and Annie get down to business once and for all. Not only is Jean's controversial and bittersweet dream featured, but so is the heated tension on Mikasa and Annie's long-awaited fight in Attack on Titan Final Season Episode 84, which dates back to their military training days.

After all, the events following Annie's crystallization had been a long time coming. They have a rough history together, so a confrontation amid Eren's rumbling and the formation of the Allied Soldiers is only natural.

Annie Leonhart has been on a roller coaster ride since her release, as she assesses the current situation on Paradis Island. After all, it's been a long time since she decided to throw away everything and crystallize herself to keep the Titans' secret.

Despite Annie being away for so long, Armin and Hitch keep her up to date on the latest events in the series. However, the moment she steps out into the real world, she is confronted with her calling once more.

On the other hand, Mikasa has been through so much that she is at a loss for what to do. Mikasa has surpassed a lot of horrible situations, including losing her direction in life, Eren despising her, and comrades dying one after the other.

Given their current mental and physical states, it is not unlikely that Mikasa and Annie will clash when they finally meet again. Aside from the fact that they have a long history together, fans are now wondering when they will see an actual battle between Mikasa and Annie. Will it happen, or will it remain a mystery forever?

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Annie and Mikasa’s Back Story

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Credit: Wit Studio

The outcome of Mikasa and Annie's hand-to-hand brawl during their military training remains a mystery among fans.

One fan responded to the inevitable question of who won between Mikasa and Annie by saying, "No one won because Keith Shadis pacified both of them because they couldn't defeat each other." He also claims that Isayama has the same answer, but this is not confirmed. Perhaps this is one of the most pressing questions Mikasa and Annie Simps have had to date.

Fans aren't the only ones who are excited to see Mikasa and Annie fight. In fact, during military training, the Survey Corps members voted for their preferred winner. Jean obviously voted for Mikasa because he has a one-sided crush on her, while Marco voted for Annie, much to Jean's surprise. Sasha also mentioned that the fight between Mikasa and Annie is like something out of a dream.

Aside from this event, Annie has had numerous clashes with an enraged and menacing Mikasa while in her Female Titan form. The reason for this was quickly revealed, as Annie was also one of the Marley warriors tasked with returning the Attack and Founding Titan powers to their country.

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Did Mikasa and Annie Fight in Attack on Titan Episode 84?

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Credit: MAPPA

As much as fans would like to see Mikasa and Annie fight, Attack on Titan Episode 84 only scratches the surface. In the midst of the Allied soldiers' discourse, Annie brought up an important point about Eren's genocide.

Annie has informed everyone that the Survey Corps members will fight the Marleyans to protect Eren. As a result, their allegiance to one another makes no sense at all. While they both want to stop Eren's genocide, the Marleyans want Armin and Mikasa to come up with a solid plan in order to clarify the mission's objective.

Moving on, Annie irritates Mikasa by saying that they must act, even if it means killing Eren. As a result, Mikasa has a violent outburst and draws her blades in front of Annie. Annie's famous ring, on the other hand, has been revealed as a symbol that she is willing to confront Mikasa in her titan form just to clarify her point.

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Who will Win between Mikasa and Annie?

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Credit: Wit Studio

Currently, I'm siding with Mikasa over Annie. The reason for this is that Mikasa has reawakened her full potential as an Ackerman. This means she has inherited their bloodline's preceding combat experience.

Annie, on the other hand, only has her titan form, limited battle experience, and Muay Thai fighting style, which makes her a formidable opponent. However, in her current condition, Annie would be unable to win, and would not be strong enough to fight.

Moving on, fans are divided once more as they assess the strengths and weaknesses of both of our contenders. While the vast majority voted for Mikasa due to her Ackerman abilities, Annie's fanbase supported her due to her fighting style and wit in battle.

Some fans even brought up the mystery fight between Mikasa and Annie, in which Annie is seen with her fighting stance while Mikasa is seen standing around menacingly, implying that she is so powerful that she doesn't need a fighting stance to destroy Annie.

Many people have staked their bets on Mikasa because of her overpowered Ackerman abilities and potential, which is a combination of all the bloodline's fighting experience. They even go so far as to say that Mikasa is a girl with a thousand years of experience, whereas Annie has only a few, and that Mikasa will completely bring Annie to her knees. So they say if only Annie had Ackerman's blood then it will be a decent fight.

Who do you think will triumph between Mikasa and Annie? You make the call!


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