Attack on Titan: Why Is the Alliance Desperate to Stop Eren?

Attack on Titan: Why is the Alliance Desperate to Stop Eren?

Attack on Titan: Why is the Alliance Desperate to Stop Eren?

The Attack on Titan anime is nearing its conclusion, as Eren is hellbent on continuing the Rumbling to kill everyone. Elsewhere, the Alliance, or whatever is left of the group, is attempting to stop him. However, why is the Alliance trying to stop Eren? Let’s find out!

Before we dissect the motives of the Alliance, let’s learn more about the group itself.

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Spoiler Warning: This article contains major spoilers for Attack on Titan.

What Is the Alliance's True Purpose in Attack on Titan?

The Alliance also known as the Global Alliance is a military collective of several nations. It came into existence when Willy Tybur addressed a big audience of world politicians and ambassadors during a festival in Liberio.

He made the dignitaries aware of how dangerous the devils of Paradis Island are.

He warned the leaders that Eren had usurped the power of the Founding Titan and would initiate the Rumbling.

After Willy was killed by the Attack Titan Eren, the leaders of the different nations decide to unite against Paradis Island and Eren.

Attack on Titan Eren killing Willy Tybur
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The members of the Alliance have joined forces with the prime objective to stop Eren from destroying the world.

Moreover, the Alliance also wants to wipe out all the Eldians of Paradis Island. The group wants to stop the Rumbling and bring the world back to its original form.

The key members of the Alliance are Theo Magath and the Marleyan military, Gabi, Falco, Connie, Onyankopon, Pieck, Levi, Hange, Jean, Mikasa, Armin, and Annie.

Why Is the Alliance Trying to Stop Eren?

Attack on Titan Season 4, Part 3 Reiner attacking the Titans
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Attack on Titan Seasons 3 and 4 establish the main conflict and take it to the next level. The vicious cycle of revenge between Eldians and Marleyans is never going to stop, and a peaceful resolution is certainly not on the cards.

Hajime Isayama, the writer and illustrator of the Attack on Titan manga, makes a key point in the story that both sides can justify their wrongdoings.

The motives of each side are understandable as they are committing horrendous war crimes in order to save their own people.

Coming back to why the Alliance wants to stop Eren and his plan of the Rumbling. The Alliance doesn’t want Eren to commit global genocide.

In his head, Eren has reached the depths of a dark pit where all he can see is the annihilation of the rest of the world.

Moreover, he constantly justifies it by stating that he is doing it to save his people.

Attack on Titan - Eren's Founding Titan
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The Alliance consists of the OG members of the Survey Corps, and these warriors have a strong philosophy of fighting for the entire humanity.

More than genocide, we think the Rumbling caused by the Titans would exterminate humans, animals, and any kind of lifeform.

The Titans stomping and destroying forests would lead to a massive environmental crisis.

The Alliance doesn’t want destruction on such a great level. Meanwhile, the Survey Corps, who are going against their own in this battle, believe they have a moral responsibility to save lives beyond Paradis.

What do you think about the Alliance? Do they have valid reasons to stop Eren?

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