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Toy Story’s Ken Goes Viral: Fans Debate If He’s Cursing or Yelling Barbie’s Name

This is not the first time Disney has been accused of secretly putting NSFW content in a movie meant for children. The company is known for hinting hidden adult jokes in some of their content, which brings one moment from Toy Story 3 back to life as Ken’s scene with Barbie goes viral on Tiktok.

TikTok user @kittyfeeley posted the Toy Story 3 scene where Barbie had tied up Ken to a Paddle Ball as a form of torture to get some information on how to revert Buzz (Tim Allen) back to ‘normal’ Buzz mode. In the scene, Barbie (Jodi Benson) was picking on some of Ken’s (Michael Keaton) best-looking outfits to get him to ‘crack’ and reveal the manual. The user had captioned the video with: “Do you hear ‘Oh Barbie’ or ‘Oh F*ck’” that had harbored attention from the community. You can check out the TikTok video here.

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As part of the generation who got to watch Toy Story 3 at its first release, you can imagine the shocking revelation this has brought to our attention. See, if you listened to it, ‘Barbie’ is clearly heard coming from Ken’s voice. However, if you looked closely, you can also see Ken pronouncing presumably one syllable with the way his mouth moved at Barbie’s name, implying he possibly said ‘F*ck’.

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The comment section went wild at this revelation, sparking a debate where they left their thoughts on the video: “I could hear ‘Oh Barbie’ at first and now I literally can’t hear it anymore” or “I HEARD ‘OH BARBIE’ THE FIRST TIME AND NOW I CAN’T HEAR IT ANYMORE.”

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Meanwhile, Barbie is getting a live-action film starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, to be helmed by Greta Gerwig. Seeing as Barbie is going to be modernized in this version, there’s a chance we’ll get to see some NSFW content here, too.

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