Watch: Disney's Original Toy Story 3 Idea without Pixar

Toy Story 4 is has finally reached cinemas and people are once again raving about the latest outing of Woody and the gang. Mr. Sunday Movies on Youtube has come up with this neat video talking about Disney's original plans for Toy Story 3 during their little tiff with Pixar, and it actually ended up pretty different from what we got.

Watch this:

Though Disney and Pixar seem to be inseparable today, there was a time when they were two different entities with Pixar striking a deal with Disney to produce five movies. With Disney holding the cards of the sequels, it was said that they came up with Circle 7 Animation Studios to try and make Pixar sequels without the Pixar banner, and they even went so far as to fully conceptualize a third Toy Story movie without the aid of the original studio.

Of course, Disney bought Pixar and it was said that the studio entirely skipped what Circle 7 Animation had worked on to make their own story. Nevertheless, there were some similarities with Circle 7's ideas and Pixar's final movie, what with the scene having toys in "jail" and Buzz having a mechanical issue.

In the end, Disney owns Pixar and most of the animators at Circle 7 ended up moving on to Walt Disney Animation. Now the two "compete" for best animated movies every year, which is kind of like Disney just trying to one up itself with studios that it owns.

For now, you can catch Toy Story 4 in theaters today.

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