Lightyear Producer Defends Their Decision of Recasting Tim Allen

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In just a week, Pixar's newest film Lightyear hits theaters and the audience will get to see the origin story of Buzz Lightyear, the beloved character from the Toy Story series. However, one major change that the film made is the voice actor behind the character with Chris Evans taking over the role instead of Tim Allen. So why did they decide to have a different voice actor for Buzz Lightyear on his origin film?

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Lightyear producer Galyn Susman addressed their decision on recasting Allen in the voice role of Buzz Lightyear in the film to which she said that they never actually intended to bring him back to the role as they wanted to differentiate themselves from the Toy Story films.

"Tim really is the embodiment of the toy Buzz, and this isn’t the toy world, so it really doesn’t make sense," Susman said. "There’s not really a role. It would just cause more confusion for audiences instead of helping them understand the movie we’re trying to tell."

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When Evans was announced as the voice actor of Buzz Lightyear in Lightyear, there were speculations that Pixar recast Allen in the role because of his politics. However, it looks like that wasn't the case and they just want to make the Buzz Lightyear character in the film separate from its portrayal in Toy Story which would also mean that they'll need a new voice actor.

Now that we're getting closer to its release, it looks like fans have accepted that the character has a different voice in the upcoming film. After all, Evans' voice performance has received praises from the critics who have already seen the film. Allen could also still come back and voice the character if they decide to do a fifth Toy Story film or a Disney+ special as long as it's the toy version that we know.

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Lightyear is set to be released in theaters on June 17.


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