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Millie Bobby Brown Compares Henry Cavill’s ‘Strict Boundaries’ With Stranger Things Friendship

Enola Holmes 2 has just been released and yet movie star Millie Bobby Brown has already drafted a few ideas for an Enola Holmes 3, with co-star Sherlock actor Henry Cavill looking forward for Enola Holmes to become a franchise. Upon Brown admitting Enola Holmes is a ‘very big pivotal moment’ in her career, she also speaks about her transition from making friendships with the Stranger Things cast versus an adult friendship with Henry Cavill on set.

Speaking with Deadline, Millie Bobby Brown shares an interesting story on how Henry Cavill takes his strict boundaries between friends seriously. Brown adds how shocking it was to find out the actor didn’t have any sister, after being asked how Cavill is on set with her.

“It’s shocking because he doesn’t have any sisters. So, for him, it must be completely different,” Brown continues, in response to Enola Holmes director Bradbeer’s comment on how Cavill is always surprised when Brown tries to ‘tickle him’ like a little sister would do. “I have a sister, a brother, and an older brother. So, I’m very much used to that kind of dynamic. I had to implement a lot of that into my relationship with Henry offscreen and onscreen and just pull him out of his comfort zone.”

The actress continues by comparing her relationship and dynamic with Henry Cavill vs. her Stranger Things ‘siblings’, Noah Schnapp and Charlie Heaton, by saying how she practically grew up with the cast, so of course it was bound to be different.

“It’s different because I grew up with Noah and Charlie. I met them when I was 10. So, for me, it does feel like your schoolmates. And with Henry, it feels like a real adult relationship. Like a really good friendship, a really healthy one.”

Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill playing on Cinemablend interview
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Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill playing on Cinemablend interview

Similar to how Millie Bobby Brown’s Enola Holmes character was having a transition towards womanhood, this is her step to entering a mature and adult friendship in the real world with Henry Cavill.

“One that we have terms and conditions. I know Henry. He has terms and conditions with me. I’m not allowed to ask about his personal life. It’s like, ‘Millie, shut up. No.’ And I’m like, ‘Understood.’ Whereas with the Stranger Things kids, it’s different. There’s no boundaries because it’s like, we’re all siblings. But with Henry, he’s very strict with me, which I appreciate.”

It is quite interesting to see Henry Cavill guiding his young co-star in developing healthy boundaries between friends and of course, as castmates on set. This way, Millie Bobby Brown has basically learned how to deal with future castmates on new projects.

Enola Holmes 2 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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