Stranger Things 4: Charlie Heaton Responds to Fan Complaints About Jonathan Byer's Disappointing Character Arc

Now that Stranger Things Season 4 is finally streaming on Netflix, fans can finally witness the Hawkins crew's last dive into the Upside Down while going against the show's most menacing villain, Vecna. Although the fans delightfully welcomed the show together with the ensemble cast, some of them are concerned about Charlie Heaton's Jonathan Byers, who appears to be confused and totally disoriented throughout the whole season.

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In a recent interview with GQ, Stranger Things Season 4 star Charlie Heaton breaks silence on the fan complaints about his character Jonathan Byers. Fans have pointed out that Jonathan went back to his uncool origin, being totally confused about himself and his relationship with Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer).

"I know why you’re asking that. And I’ve definitely seen some forums like Screenrant or something – ‘What happened to the character?’ It is an ensemble cast, obviously every season they’ve brought in new characters, wonderful characters, and they’ve taken the story to different places," Heaton said.

The actor added, "We find him in a place of questioning himself and his relationship. You want the people to be invested in them. Sometimes it blurs into one. Me and Natalia have been together for a long time, so you’ve even got to separate it yourself sometimes."

For sure, just like in the other seasons, fans expected to see Jonathan and Natalia together in the fourth season solving the mysteries of the Upside Down side-by-side. However, using the same plot element and reuniting the two might bore the fans and completely waste the two character's individual arcs, especially now that the show is approaching its final season. Aside from that, it might also be the right time to place the spotlight on new characters like Max (Sadie Sink), who appears to be the main highlight of the season.

Fans absolutely want to see Jonathan and Nancy in the final season, sadly, the two haven't crossed paths again in Volume 1. But no hopes are lost because it's inevitable that the Hawkins crew will reunite on Volume 2, and Jonathan and Nancy will certainly see each other again. And maybe after he sees Nancy, the cool Jonathan persona comes back.

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 is now streaming on Netflix while Volume 2 will premiere on July 1.

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