Millie Bobby Brown Would ‘Absolutely Love’ An Enola Holmes 3

Millie Bobby Brown may be known to have risen to fame from her iconic character as Eleven or ‘Jane’ on Stranger Things, but Enola Holmes has paved the way for her to become an even more prominent actor. Not only was she able to act and star as the titular character, but she was also given an opportunity to become a producer on the film! There is no doubt that she would absolutely love an Enola Holmes 3, or a franchise altogether.

Recently speaking with Screen Rant, the actor is looking forward to seeing where the showrunners will take her Enola Holmes. Millie had even discussed a few potential ideas for the adventures of the young detective. Read her quote below:

“Yes, absolutely. I would love to be a part of another one. I would love to see her do more cases, be put under pressure, be put in crazy situations, make her feel vulnerable again. I absolutely love seeing her back at work.”

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While the sequel missed Sam Claflin’s Mycroft Holmes due to conflicts of schedule, Enola Holmes director Harry Bradbeer took this as a chance to focus more on the relationship of siblings Enola and Sherlock Holmes (Henry Cavill). With this, the director previously said, “It had to be about Sherlock and Enola and coming together. So I guess there are some blessings in having less pieces because you can do more with what you have.”

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Even Man of Steel and The Witcher’s Henry Cavill shared his excitement on Total Film about reprising his Sherlock and expresses hope for an Enola Holmes franchise, read his quote below:

“I have experiences with franchises going places, and going quiet, and other franchises popping up and becoming exciting. It’s all about the decision-making up top and everything else that goes with it. I’m merely the hired work.”

Read here for more updates on this story! Enola Holmes 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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