Is Jack Duquesne Maya Lopez's Uncle in Hawkeye?

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Warning! This article contains spoilers for Hawkeye! Read at your own risk!

Emotions are high in all aspects as the fourth episode of Hawkeye gives us drama, action, fun, tension, and surprise in one package. One of the most shocking reveals is the leader of Tracksuit mafia, the big boss, turns out to be Jack Duquesne. Is he the uncle of Maya Lopez that she and Kazi Kazimierczack was talking about?

Is Jack Duquesne Maya Lopez's Uncle in Hawkeye?

Is Jack Duquesne Maya Lopez's Uncle in Hawkeye?
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Credit: Marvel Studios
Is Jack Duquesne Maya Lopez's Uncle in Hawkeye?

In Hawkeye Episode 4, "Partners, Am I Right?," it was revealed that the leader of the Tracksuit mafia is none other than the fiancé of Kate Bishop's mother, Jack Duquesne. With things being tied to him, questions are circling on whether he is the uncle of Maya Lopez running the whole operations of the Tracksuit mafia or is he just another high-ranking official in the organization.

Speculations about the arrival of Kingpin has been spreading since Episode 3 where a man in a suit went to Maya's karate class and even pressed her chubby cheeks. Later in the episode, Maya and Kazi were talking about how the search for Ronin is affecting their real business and the team may be affected because of it.

While the rumors are on Vincent D'Onofrio's Wilson Fisk strengthened considering the comic book relation of Kingpin and Echo, plus the confirmation of Kevin Feige that Charlie Cox will be reprising his role as Daredevil. However, with Jack Duquesne being tied up to the Tracksuit mafia leadership, this caused some disruption to the expectations of the fans awaiting Kingpin's return.

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Speaking of the conversation of Maya and Kazi, it is possible that the uncle of Maya is someone different than Jack Duquesne.


First to consider is their disparity in status or wealth. Duquesne lives in a mansion while Maya is in a flat. Also, her father said they couldn't afford to send her to a deaf school. Second, the Duquesne family attended the engagement party of Jack and Eleanor. Clearly, Maya wasn't there which, kind of, means that she is not part of the family. Lastly, their race looks really different.

So, do you think Jack Duquesne is Maya Lopez's uncle?

Find out in Hawkeye, now streaming on Disney Plus.