What is Hawkeye's Best Shot He Never Took?

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Warning! This article contains spoilers for Hawkeye! Read at your own risk!

The fourth episode of Hawkeye, “Partners, Am I Right?,” has been a rollercoaster of emotions from an intense interrogation of Kate’s mother as to why they are at the penthouse to the immense action which concluded this week’s run and the heart-wrecking story that Clint Barton shared about the best shot he never took. What is that will definitely make your eyes tear up.

What is Hawkeye's Best Shot He Never Took?

What is Hawkeye's Best Shot He Never Took?
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Credit: Marvel Studios
What is Hawkeye's Best Shot He Never Took?

After all the action and tension that they faced together, Kate gave Clint Barton a small Christmas party with pizza, movies, and even a tree to decorate while they are planning to take down Jack Duquesne who turned out to be the head of the Tracksuit mafia. They were in cozy Christmas sweaters as well that even Lucky, the Pizza Dog, has his own costume fit for the festivities.


They decorated a Christmas tree and had a bonding over Kate learning a coin trick Clint taught her which she, impressively, picked up fast and with only a few tries. When they sat down, Kate asked what is the best shot Clint ever took and his answer was baffling as he said it is the one that he never took, the one he never fired.

Kate pushed him to tell the story as she thought it might be a good one to hear but Clint was reluctant is sharing it but did so anyway. He proceeded to tell the story of how he met someone he was tasked to kill. He arrived at the place where he was supposed to do it but he couldn’t because he felt that she only wanted out which turned out to be true.

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It was Natasha Romanoff, his partner for many years and she claimed that “she was the best there ever was.” He said that in his line of work, it is “a game of managing loss.” Kate realized that Clint lost his family when Thanos snapped half of the universe and Clint said “there are no words” that could describe how that felt. She also figured out that Clint was the Ronin as his way of coping up with the loss.

He also shared why he has been reluctant to be called a hero because his job was to investigate someone and hurt them afterward. While Kate looks at him as a hero, he saw himself as a weapon where he was given targets who are people. He also realized that those were all tied to him and his family which is why he stayed to clean up the mess until he fixes it.


He thanked Kate for what she did to cheer him up. Later that night, he looked back at his memories of losing his family, of being Ronin, and the final moments of Natasha where she sacrificed herself to save all others. It was a painful experience for him being her partner for such a long time, being best friends along the way and losing her meant that his family comes back.

If that didn’t send your eyes some tears, what could?

Hawkeye Episode 4 is now streaming on Disney Plus.