Hawkeye: Tracksuit Mafia Leader Finally Revealed! Who is He?

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Warning! This episode contains spoilers for Hawkeye! Read at your own risk!

In Episode 4 of Hawkeye, “Partners, Am I Right?,” it was revealed early on who the leader of the Tracksuit mafia is. In case you need a refresher, they are the gang who wears an all-red suit and they drive the “Truck A Bro” services which they use to launder money. They are headed by Maya Lopez a.k.a. Echo and she reports to the big boss. Who is he?

Tracksuit Mafia Leader Finally Revealed! Who is He?

Tracksuit Mafia Leader Finally Revealed! Who is He?
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Credit: Marvel Studios
Tracksuit Mafia Leader Finally Revealed! Who is He?

While Hawkeye remains to be somewhere else when he is supposed to be with his family spending the holidays, Laura is still supportive of his endeavors and she is his remote tracker. Clint asked her to snoop into the business of Sloan Ltd. where Kazi Kazimierczack is an employee as found by Kate under Bishop Securities.

Laura found out that Sloan Ltd. is a shell company which means it has no address and technically no employees as it is just a front for crime syndicates such as the Tracksuit mafia. Said shell company is being used to launder money and it was traced to the real CEO behind the gang—it is none other than Jack Duquesne, the fiancé of the mother of Kate Bishop.

Jack Duquesne has been shady all this time. He participates in black-market auctions, he wanted the retractable sword of Ronin, and he has an impeccable love for swords. Kate even challenged her in fencing and while he tried to subdue his capabilities, Kate caught him off-guard showing his real ability to handle a sword and he is impressive with one.

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Now that he has been tied up to the Tracksuit mafia, things circle back to the start wherein the gang attacked the black-market auction he was participating in and they were looking for a watch that was retrieved from the Avengers compound. Whatever their interest in the watch remains unknown but it is surely something they are desperate to have.

Also, is it Jack Duquesne who killed his uncle, Armand III? He has a motive for sure. That guy was mean to his fiancé and his fortune will grow with his inheritance.

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