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Hawkeye: Why is Echo Persistent in Tracking Down Ronin?

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Warning! This article contains spoilers for Hawkeye! Read at your own risk!

The third episode of Hawkeye shows the backstory of Echo, also known as Maya Lopez, and it laid down her childhood which led to her being involved with the Tracksuit Mafia. From her struggles as a deaf child, to her being really good with martial arts, to revealing the reason why she is really persistent in tracking down Ronin.

Why is Echo Persistent in Tracking Down Ronin?

Hawkeye: Why is Echo Persistent in Tracking Down Ronin?
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Credit: Marvel Studios
Hawkeye: Why is Echo Persistent in Tracking Down Ronin?

In Hawkeye Episode 3, Echoes, it showed the different sides of Maya Lopez, Echo, and it revealed a lot about her childhood. She attended a regular school with normal kids and despite being deaf, she is really good with her worksheets and she reads the lips of her teacher to catch up. At night, he has a conversation with her father as to why she attends such school.

Her father tells her that they could not afford to enroll her in a deaf school and that he is sorry for it. She also asked her father if dragons are real and from then on, her father calls her his little dragon, seemingly boosting her morale.

Maya attended karate classes as early as a child and it was revealed that she is an amputee. Her right leg is artificial but that doesn’t stop her from being a skilled fighter. She reads the movements of her opponent, looking at how he or she would attack, and then she would counter it, putting it to her advantage and showing how she can really be good at it that she carried it upon growing up.

Later, she looked into the business of her father and it was shown that he is connected to a mafia during a dark time in the criminal underworld as Ronin cleansed it while the other half of the universe was snapped out of existence. Unfortunately, she saw Ronin stab her father and with his remaining energy, he sends Maya off, “fly, my little dragon.”

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From then on Maya built a vengeance on Ronin which explains why she is persistent in finding him because he killed her father. While that was a dark time for Maya, she had her uncle assign to her the Tracksuit mafia to continue with the criminal underworld but Kaz tries to put her feet on the ground by reminding her that her father would always put the team first before himself.

See more of Echo in the next episodes of Hawkeye streaming exclusively on Disney Plus.

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