Who is Echo's Uncle in Hawkeye?

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Warning! This article contains spoilers for Hawkeye! Read at your own risk!

Digging deeper into who Maya Lopez is in the third episode of Hawkeye, her roots are far more dangerous than what it seems and Echo grew up to be a strong and independent woman who could definitely handle herself that she got to lead the Tracksuit Mafia. A mysterious character, her uncle, showed up when she was a child. Who could he be?

Who is Echo's Uncle in Hawkeye?

Who is Echo's Uncle in Hawkeye?
Credit: Marvel Studios
Who is Echo's Uncle in Hawkeye?

In Hawkeye Episode 3, Echoes, the childhood of Maya Lopez was expounded which reveals how she ended up leading the Tracksuit mafia and why she is in pursuit of Ronin. It showed the different sides of Echo, and it delved into the past to let everyone understand her better.


It started when she was a child and she attended a regular school with normal kids and despite being deaf, she is really good with her worksheets and she reads the lips of her teacher to catch up. At night, he has a conversation with her father as to why she attends such school. Her father tells her that they could not afford to enroll her in a deaf school and that he is sorry for it. Her father calls her his little dragon when she asked if dragons are real.

Then, it was shown that she attends karate classes. Even when she is an amputee and has an artificial right leg aside from being deaf, she is really good at it and it shows how she became a skilled fighter in the future because she reads the attack of her opponent well so she could think of how to counter it.

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In said karate class was a mysterious guy wearing a suit and he even pressed the cheeks of young Maya. Later in the episode, Kaz mentioned about Maya’s uncle who runs the organization from the topmost chair.

It is long rumored that Kingpin, from Daredevil, will be making his way into the MCU and Vincent D’Onofrio would be back to reprise his role as Wilson Fisk. Given that Echo is closely connected to Kingpin as she is one of his pawns in the comics, it is really possible that he is the uncle of Maya, the one she and Kaz were talking about, the same person who met with her while in karate class when she was a kid.

Could it be Kingpin? Find out in the next episodes of Hawkeye, streaming exclusively on Disney Plus.