Demon Slayer Manga vs. Anime: Which Is Better?

Demon Slayer Manga Vs Anime: Which is Better?
Credit: Ufotable

Demon Slayer Manga Vs Anime: Which is Better?
Credit: Ufotable

Demon Slayer is one of the most popular shonen anime series today, as the anticipation for the upcoming Hashira Training Arc grows by the day. While some can opt to read the manga, others are waiting for the anime. Taking this into consideration, here is a comprehensive comparison of the Demon Slayer anime vs. manga.

In case you missed it, the Demon Slayer manga is already finished. Therefore, there's a huge pressure on Ufotable to adapt the manga in the best way possible.

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Demon Slayer's Storyline

Demon Slayer Storyline Tanjiro
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Credit: Ufotable

The anime adaptations of Demon Slayer are faithful to the manga's story.

Tanjiro Kamado, a once-regular boy, becomes entangled in the war between demons and slayers after his family is murdered by Muzan Kibutsuji.

The only survivor of the tragic incident is his sister, Nezuko, who has been transformed into a menacing demon.

Tanjiro joins the demon slayers in their fight against Muzan Kibutsuji in order to find a solution to Nezuko's dilemma.

He made new friends and allies along the way to help him achieve his life's purpose.

So far, the anime has done an excellent job of keeping up with the events of the manga. To put it simply, they are almost 100% identical to those in the anime.

Hence, fans need not be concerned if the anime contains any significant cut scenes that can affect everyone's experience.

Of course, anime fans may notice a difference in the manga since it is dense with narration, while the anime is devoid of it.

Most recently, the Swordsmith Village Arc received a lot of criticism, unlike the Entertainment District Arc.

This is most likely due to the depiction of the upper demon moon Gyokko, who was easily defeated by Muichiro Tokito after awakening his Demon Slayer mark.

If you were disappointed with Gyokko's true form in the anime, be sure you read the manga to make up for it.

Some fans believe that Gyokko is scarier and more vicious in the manga, which is why they are disappointed with how Gyokko ended in the anime.

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Demon Slayer's Visuals and Aesthetics

The illustrations in the Demon Slayer manga are not as good as those in the anime. Obviously, the manga lacks the execution that Ufotable provided in the adaptation.

The original manga, on the other hand, has its own distinct charm as expected of Koyoharu Gotouge.

If you don't care about the illustrations and are more interested in the story, then go ahead and dive into manga.

It's honestly underwhelming from the perspective of an anime-only fan, but don't let that stop you from enjoying the manga.

On the contrary, the anime lives up to its reputation, thanks to Ufotable. Not only does the adaptation defy anime norms, but it also elevates Demon Slayer above the rest.

Demon Slayer's animation is not exaggerated in any way. It is deserving of praise after Ufotable provided one of the most beautifully animated fighting scenes in anime history.

If you only read manga, you should not miss out on Ufotable's beautiful and fluid animation.

As stated above, the Swordsmith Village Arc faced a lot of criticism, including its animation.

Some fans argue that the animation in Season 3 was downgraded. What do you think?

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Demon Slayer's Set Price

Demon Slayer's Set Price Tanjiro
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Credit: Ufotable

For fans of the manga, owning at least a box set of the Demon Slayer manga would be expensive. However, the same will be true of the anime Blu-ray box sets.

If you're a serious collector, the Blu-ray editions are recommended because of the extra content, commentaries, bonus features, and other perks.

If you prefer manga, the Demon Slayer manga box set is a must-have. The main drawback is that it is more expensive than the anime's Blu-ray box set.

At the end of the day, much like with sub vs. dub fans, the decision is yours.

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Demon Slayer's Continuity

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The manga is much ahead of the anime in terms of long waits. Following the events of the Swordsmith Village Arc, manga readers will surely have an edge.

They have the power to spoil the rest of the events in the manga that anime fans would not like to hear

If you’re the type of fan who doesn’t want to wait for anime adaptations, go ahead and read the next story arcs of Demon Slayer.

Depending on your preference, it will either add to your excitement or make for a less enjoyable experience.

Some fans fear that reading the manga will destroy their love for the anime, but at the end of the day, it is still the foundation of the series, and Ufotable is just a remarkable anime studio.

Demon Slayer's Continuity Tanjiro
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Credit: Ufotable

The most certain thing is that reading the manga’s story arcs will give you more insight and details, like the Hashira, who frequently appears, unlike in the anime.

If you want more content and are unsure if there’s anything you missed out on in the anime, then read the manga. There’s no harm in trying, but do what works best for you!

This applies to other shounen series as well aside from Demon Slayer. After all, creating an anime takes a long time to complete, especially when it is made by Ufotable.

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So, Which Is Better Between the Demon Slayer Manga and Anime?

This one goes to the Demon Slayer anime. It goes without saying that many fans will prefer anime to the manga.

The general appeal of the Demon Slayer anime is enough to throw off fans of the manga.

Not only do they want to see Nezuko and the others with actual expressions, but they also want to see the fighting sequences animated.

Ultimately, Ufotable deserves credit for bringing the Demon Slayer manga to life.

It does not depart from the original story but rather enhances it with detailed animated sequences, fighting scenes, intelligent music integration, and outstanding voice actors.

Rather than reading the manga, it is highly recommended that you watch the Demon Slayer anime.

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