Black Clover’s Asta vs. Yuno: Who Is Stronger?

Black Clover’s Asta vs Yuno: Who is Stronger?

Black Clover’s Asta vs Yuno: Who is Stronger?

Asta and Yuno are the two main characters in Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover. These two characters are incredibly powerful and would never likely go against each other. However, let’s find out who is stronger – Yuno or Asta.

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Asta and Yuno’s Relationship

Before we explore their powers and abilities, let’s learn more about their relationship and background. Asta and Yuno are foster siblings, rivals, and best friends. They were raised together in Hage.

Both Asta and Yuno are eyeing the crown of the Wizard King. Whenever they cross paths, they acknowledge how far they have come.

They indulge in their friendly banters often but always end the conversation by renewing their vow to become the Wizard King.

Asta looks up to Yuno as a great Magic Knight and always speaks highly of his skills. When Yuno and Asta fight together as a unit they are almost unstoppable.

Asta possesses a rare five-leaf clover grimoire while Yuno uses a unique four-leaf clover grimoire.

Now, let’s compare their powers to find out who is stronger.

Asta vs. Yuno: Magical Powers

Asta and Yuno in Black Clover
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Yuno’s four-leaf clover grimoire possesses wind-based spells. His magic allows him to control and manipulate the wind.

He has the ability to use wind magic even without a grimoire but using the grimoire allows him to unleash the magic’s full potential.

Yuno’s wind magic can take down enemies in just one shot. Moreover, he can use this magic to move quickly.

He has become an expert in wind magic and can even create items made of wind. From weapons to birds, Yuno has crafted several things using just wind gusts.

As a magic practitioner, Yuno can use more than one magic spell simultaneously. His greatest strength is his immense reservoir of magic.

Asta from Black Clover
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On the other hand, Asta is magicless. In fact, his main power is called anti-magic. His five-leaf clover grimoire allows him to cancel all kinds of magic irrespective of its strength.

His lack of mana was always looked at as a significant weakness for him. But because he was born without any magic, only he has the capability of using anti-magic. Asta’s grimoire gives him access to some of the most brutal blades.

When clubbed with his anti-magic, the blades become a deadly force of metal. There is the Demon Slayer Sword that can cut through other’s magic using its edges or deflect spells using its flat end.

However, anti-magic can only work against opponents who can use magic. If Asta faces someone with no magic, he needs to rely on his strength.

Due to a lack of mana, Asta cannot sense any magic, but he has the ability to sense ki. He uses this power to sense his enemy from a distance and engage in sneak attacks.

Asta vs. Yuno: Physical and Mental Strength

Yuno and Sylph in Black Clover
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Before diving into the physical aspect, let's talk a bit about the mind. Yuno and Asta both possess incredible willpower and mental strength.

Yuno proved his immense willpower and determination when he could resist the reincarnated elf taking over him. Moreover, he could tap into the elf’s power to increase his abilities.

On the other hand, Asta did something similar. When his grimoire belonged to Licht, it did not possess any demon or anti-magic.

It was only after it turned into a five-leaf grimoire, a demon was trapped inside and anti-magic got associated with the grimoire.

Asta Black Clover
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At some point in the Witches’ Forest Arc, the demon tried to take over Asta’s body but the latter could resist getting possessed.

In the physical strength department, Asta surpasses Yuno. Asta always knew that he needed to compensate for his lack of magic with his physical strength.

He trained extremely hard all his life to be able to surpass any of his comrades. If Asta manages to nullify all of Yuno’s magic, the former can easily beat Yuno in hand-to-hand combat.

However, Yuno is extremely fast because of his innate ability to use wind. On several occasions, Asta struggles to match up with Yuno in the speed department.

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Asta vs. Yuno: Who Is More Powerful?

Yuno and Asta in Black Clover anime
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Asta and Yuno are both strong, and after joining the Magic Knights Squad, they have only gotten stronger.

If they are pitted against each other, Asta can void Yuno’s powerful wind magic, but the former cannot fight off all his attacks because of speed.

However, Yuno would face major damages if any one of Asta’s blows hit him.

Despite his unbeatable physical strength, Yuno, who is a Stage 0 mage, can outclass Asta using his skills and intelligence. Meanwhile, Asta will not go down without giving a tough fight to Yuno.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that both Asta and Yuno are remarkably powerful in their own right.

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