Black Clover: Magic Knights Ranking System Explained

Black Clover Magic Knights Ranking System Explained Dorothy Unsworth

Black Clover Magic Knights Ranking System Explained Dorothy Unsworth

A ranking system is common in anime. It can be a class ranking system, a demon ranking system, a Jujutsu sorcerer ranking system, and so on. In Black Clover, there's the Magic Knights ranking system. But what kind of ranking system is it, and how does it work? We explain it all in more detail below!

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Who Are the Magic Knights in Black Clover?

Magic Knight Black Clover Asta
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In the world of Black Clover, there are protectors called Magic Knights. They are mages whose objective is to protect the king. Anyone can become a Magic Knight, but they must pass the Magic Knights entrance exam first.

Yuno and Asta took the exam six months after their Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony.

The examinees are the Magic Knight captains, and each exam tests the contestants' skills.

Once accepted, the Magic Knights are required to protect the Kingdom from threats like local crimes and invasions from other countries.

Black Clover Magic Knights Kaiser Granvorka
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Most of their missions are combat related, so each Magic Knight must be skilled in this area.

They are also given merits by the Wizard King based on their performance in the field.

There are stars for those who completed their mission and stars that represent poor performances.

The number of stars received depends on the difficulty or significance of the task.

At the end of the year, a Star Awards Festival will take place to celebrate the Magic Knights’ achievements and announce the best squad or the squad with the most stars.

Magic Knights Ranks

Magic Knights Ranks
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Each Magic Knight is categorized into different ranks based on their status per organization. They can be promoted based on their performance, which is seen in the number of stars they have.

The five Magic Knights' ranks are the following:

  • Wizard King
  • Grand Magic Knight
  • Senior Magic Knight
  • Intermediate Magic Knight
  • Junior Magic Knight

In the last update of the manga, Yuno is already a Grand Magic Knight of the Kingdom. At the same time, Asta was promoted to Senior Class Magic Knight.

Black Clover Yuno Magic Knight
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As mentioned, the highest rank of the organization is the Wizard King, as all other ranks are under him.

Under the Grand Magic Knight are four categories, which are further divided into five classes ranked from 1 to 5.

There are also nine different squads that a Magic Knight Captain leads:

  • Golden Dawn
  • Black Bull
  • Silver Eagle
  • Blue Rose
  • Crimson Lion
  • Green Mantis
  • Coral Peacock
  • Purple Orca
  • Aqua Deer
Black Clover Magic Knights Rill
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There are also the Royal Castle Knights, who are considered a particular group of knights. They are tasked with protecting the Clover Castle.

Meanwhile, Royal Knights are the elite squad created by Augustus Kira Clover XIII. They only have one role: to attack and win against the Eye of the Midnight Sun.

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