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Who Are the 4 Zogratis Siblings in Black Clover?

Who Are the Zogratis Siblings in Black Clover Dante

The three Zogratis siblings are shown in the Spade Kingdom Raid Arc of Black Clover. They are considered the most dangerous villains in the series, but there is a fourth Zogratis sibling who appears in the final arc of the Black Clover manga. So, who exactly are the four Zogratis siblings from Black Clover?

What Is the Dark Triad?

What Is the Dark Triad Zogratis Siblings
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The Dark Triad comprises of Dante Zogratis, Zenon Zogratis, and Vanica Zogratis. The three siblings are powerful mages and are possessed by devils, and they took control of the Spade Kingdom by force.

They overthrew the ruler and exiled House Grinberryall. The last heir of Grinberyall is Yuno Grinberryall.

The Dark Triad killed Yuno’s parents but, fortunately, he was smuggled out of the kingdom by folks who were still loyal to the family.

Meanwhile, the Dark Triad started invading the neighboring Diamond and Heart Kingdoms.

The trio used the power of their devils to harass and exploit the citizens of the kingdoms.

The Dark Triad used the gullible citizens with mana to power their moving fortress. They even used many of them as their Dark Disciples.

At first, it appeared as though the three Zogratis siblings simply wanted to expand the Spade Kingdom. However, their real plan was even more sinister.

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The Tree of Qliphoth

The Tree of Qliphoth black clover
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The Dark Triad’s primary objective is to open a magic channel called the Tree of Qliphoth, which will connect this world and the demon world.

After opening the Tree of Qliphoth, more demons will be able to pour into this world.

To open the channel, the Dark Triad needs two kinds of magic – the World Tree Magic and Dark Magic.

Now, let’s find out more about the four Zogratis siblings.

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Who Is Vanica Zogratis?

Who Is Vanica Zogratis
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Starting with Vanica, the only female member of the Dark Triad, she is the host of the devil Megicula.

Vanica, who is most recognizable by her eye patch, gets easily bored and enjoys doing exciting things.

She has a psychotic personality and is quite random. Vanica has her own Dark Disciples who worship her.

Vanica is driven by the need to find and fight against a powerful adversary.

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What Are Vanica’s Powers?

What Are Vanica’s Powers
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Vanica uses the Blood Magic attribute to make and manipulate blood.

She has the ability to shape blood into claws that send flying slashes of blood toward her opponent. She can also make spikes out of blood to impale the enemy.

Vanica also uses the Curse-Warding Magic to create dangerous and powerful curses. With that said, she can create harmful and beneficial curses.

She used the deterioration curse on Lolopechka, while she used the beneficial curse to enhance her Dark Disciples.

As Megicula’s devil host, Vanica is extremely powerful and possesses an enormous amount of magic power.

Who Is Zenon Zogratis?

Who Is Zenon Zogratis
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If one were to define Zenon’s personality trait in one word, it would have to be "merciless".

He is not much of a talker and relies on his magic to do all the talking against his opponents.

For Zenon, emotions mean nothing compared to possessing raw and absolute power. He believes in discarding emotions if one aspires to become a powerful being.

Unlike his other siblings, Dante and Vanica, Zenon doesn’t believe in flaunting his power or being arrogant about it.

He would rather focus on eliminating the threat before him and move on to his next target.

Zenon is the devil host of Beelzebub.

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What Are Zenon’s Powers?

What Are Zenon’s Powers
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Armed with two magic attributes, Zenon is quite powerful. His first one, named Bone Magic, allows him to manipulate his own bones.

He can release several tentacles made of bones to trap his opponents. Later, he creates more spear-like bones to pierce them to death.

Zenon can also use the bones’ regeneration to defend himself from any attacks.

When he unleashes 100% of his Beelzebub’s power, he switches to heavy and fast-paced bone whips with greater speed and power.

Zenon can also use Spatial Magic, which is considered rare magic that is used to manipulate space.

His Spatial Magic allows him to create spatial cubes to negate the mana of the person trapped inside. He can also easily change the size and number of these spatial cubes.

As the host of one of the highest-ranking devils, Zenon draws massive power from Beelzebub. Even with just 55% of the devil’s power, Zenon could beat Yuno.

Who Is Dante Zogratis?

Who Is Dante Zogratis
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Dante is the polar opposite of his brother, Zenon. Dante has a calm demeanor and is more laid-back.

However, he plays mind games and is quite manipulative. Dante thinks people with low mana are worthless.

What Are Dante's Powers?

What Are Dante's Powers
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If Zenon could manipulate his bones, Dante’s Body Magic allows him to manipulate his tissues.

He can repair and manipulate his body however he wants. Dante can even generate multiple limbs that can come in handy during a battle.

Apart from his Body Magic, he can also use Gravity Magic to control gravity.

He can easily strengthen gravity to slam his opponent or things into the ground with enormous force.

Dante can also levitate things by weakening the gravity of the object.

He also has the ability to increase the pressure around a target to immobilize them.

A master in hand-to-hand combat, Dante also hosts the devil named Lucifero, granting him an immeasurable amount of power.

Who Is Lucius Zogratis?

Who Is Lucius Zogratis
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Credit: Yūki Tabata / Shueisha / Weekly Shōnen Jump

Lucius was born with two souls – the second soul identifies as Julius Novachrono. Lucius is the eldest of all the Zogratis siblings.

In the Zogratis family, Lucius, who is not part of the Dark Triad, is the best devil host and hosts the mighty Astaroth.

Lucius moves to the Clover Kingdom and starts introducing himself as Julius.

After Lucifero’s defeat, Julius is confronted by Damnatio Kira who asks him about Astaroth and the Time Magic.

Julius then reveals his true identity as Lucius and beats Damnatio.

Later, Lucius visits the lowest level of the Underworld and fights the second half of Lucifero. After consuming Lucifero’s heart, he defeats the other devils in the Underworld.

Lucius returns to the Clover Kingdom after one year and three months and arrives just after Asta’s special award ceremony.

He declares that Asta has arrived at his final destination. Lucius then goes on to unleash his magic.

What Are Lucius’ Powers?

What Are Lucius’ Powers
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Credit: Yūki Tabata / Shueisha / Weekly Shōnen Jump

Lucius can manipulate time using his Time Magic attribute. He can decelerate time to the point that it appears to have stopped and he can also speed it up.

He also possesses Soul Magic that allows him to manipulate souls. He can change a person’s spirit, magic power, and life.

In Black Clover, it is revealed that Lucius has found a way to incarnate devils inside humans by using magic to purify the devil's power.

Since Lucius consumed Lucifero’s heart, he now has Gravity Magic too.

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