Who Is the Strongest Character in Black Clover?

Who Is the Strongest Character in Black Clover?

Who Is the Strongest Character in Black Clover?

Black Clover has tons of powerful characters. In fact, there has been a big debate about who the strongest character in Black Clover is. Viewers of the show have been sharing their own thoughts about this, so we have decided to put an end to it by declaring the most powerful character.

Could it be Asta, considering that he is the protagonist of the show? Will it be Yuno, who was gifted from the start? Is it going to be one of the antagonists of the show? Or will it be an ally who guided the protagonists throughout the story?

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Who Is the Strongest Character in Black Clover?

Who Is the Strongest Character in Black Clover Dante
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Without a doubt, the strongest character would be Dante, who is the vessel of Lucifero, the king of devils.

As the leader of the Dark Triad and host of Lucifero, Dante has an immense amount of power. Some even consider him an overpowered antagonist.

He possesses the Gravity magic and is good at controlling his ability. This skill allows him to control gravity, levitate himself, and move things according to his will.

Combining it with Lucifero’s power, it appears that Dante is unstoppable.

His body magic also allows him to manipulate his body, giving him a chance to change its shape and repair it when needed.

With the help of Lucifero’s abilities, he can regenerate in just seconds. He won’t die from natural causes too as his body doesn’t deteriorate or age. In short, Dante is immortal.

With Lucifero, he can distort space and null magic by just using 50% to 60% of the devil’s power. Early on, he can only draw up to 80% of the power but he can now release up to 100% after the gate of the underworld has been opened.

Dante is also skilled in martial arts, hand-to-hand combat, and swordsmanship.

It also doesn’t add the fact that he is a sadistic psychopath who is known for being manipulative and cunning. As the strongest character in Black Clover, it would be difficult to defeat him.

Don’t worry, though, he is defeated in the end. But by whom? Intrigued fans will have to tune in to Black Clover to find out!

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