Do Asta and Noelle End Up Together in Black Clover?

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Do Asta and Noelle End Up Together in Black Clover?

As the main protagonist, Asta has been shipped with many girls in Black Clover. Each fan has his or her own opinion on who Asta should end up with. One of the main pairings is Asta and Noelle, but do Asta and Noelle end up together, or did he realize that he has feelings for another woman?

Noelle and Asta are squadmates in the Black Bull. Their first meeting was when Magna gave Asta a tour of the hideout. Their relationship was sour at first as Noelle was patronizing and rude. His loud personality irritated her which worsened their relationship. But as time went by, the two became close and Noelle found herself falling for him. Who would not?

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Do Asta and Noelle End Up Together in Black Clover?

Do Asta and Noelle End Up Together in Black Clover?
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The Black Clover manga is still ongoing as of this writing so it is hard to say if they did end up together or not. There are also a lot of potential pairings for the series’ lead character.

Asta and Noelle spent a lot of time together since they are on the same team. They would be paired up during missions and so on. It was obvious that Asta is fond of her but fans cannot really tell if his affection is limited to friendship or is there a possibility for it to bloom into something else.

He does not have second thoughts about saving her whenever she needs help. On the other hand, Noelle was fully aware of her feelings for Asta but she cannot directly say it to him for she feels embarrassed about it.

Chapter 304 gave the two another moment as Noelle fell into his arms naked after Megicula was defeated. But it appears that their relationship is not progressing the way fans want it to be.


Although Black Clover does not seem to be the type to focus on romantic relationships, fans are still hopeful that Asta would end up with someone. Whether it is with Noelle or another character, fans will have to wait for the Black Clover movie to see what will happen next.

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