Loki: TVA Agents Are Variants, "Reset" Sentence Explained

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June 23, 2021  01:43 PM

Warning! This article may contain spoilers for Loki. Read at your own risk!

Loki Episode 3, Lamentis, took us to a different environment as we were taken to a place other than the cubicles of the Time Variance Authority in the canon series.

Not only that, a lot of revelations were unveiled including one which surprised many – the TVA agents are variants! And if you watched the first episode when Loki was asked to plead, he was given the “reset” sentence. Is that what happens to variants after facing the judge?


TVA Agents Are Variants in Loki

Loki: TVA Agents Are Variants, "Reset" Sentence Explained

During the conversation of Loki and Sylvie as they were discussing how Sylvie does the enchantment works, she explains that she has to make contact with a person to be able to control their minds. For the feeble minds, she can easily tap into them and establish the connection making them do whatever she wills them to do as if they are in a trance.

As for those with stronger minds, like when Sylvie tried on Loki but failed as he claimed his mind is not like the others, Sylvie has to tap into their memories to take over their consciousness and trick them as if they were living in a said time in a fantasy she created. To explain further to Loki, she made Hunter C-20 as an example referring to the first scene in the episode where they were talking over margaritas.

Sylvie tells Loki that she had to get her memory from a hundred years prior before she fought for the Time Variance Authority. Loki was surprised as Sylvie reveals to him that the agents of the TVA are variants as well, that Hunter C-20 enjoyed her life as a regular person on Earth before becoming a TVA agent herself. This is contrary to what Loki knows that the TVA employees were created by the Time-Keepers.


"Reset" Sentence Explained

Loki: TVA Agents Are Variants, "Reset" Sentence Explained 1

If you are following the series, in the first episode, when Loki faced Judge Renslayer, he was asked how would he plead and when unsatisfied with his answers, he was sentenced to be “reset” before Mobius steps in and interrupted.

To correlate this with the lesson of Miss Minutes about the people who deviated from the sacred timeline having lost their place in time, and if what Sylvie is telling is true, then this “reset” could only mean one thing – the variants that have been given the said sentence have their minds erased and were made to believe that they were created by the Time-Keepers as agents or employees of the TVA.

The enchantment of Sylvie unlocked the memories of Hunter C-20 which, possibly, made her mutter the words “it was real” and “I want to go back home” in Episode 2 when she was found in the surveillance room of Roxxcart.

Little by little, the mysteries of the TVA itself are starting to unfold and considering that they have a lot of workers, and if all of them are variants then it all makes sense now: the Time-Keepers are really hiding something sinister and Loki was right to trust his guts and instincts to doubt them.

Loki Episode 3 is now up on Disney+ and Episode 4 arrives next week, Wednesday, at 3 AM.

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