08 Jun 2021 3:26 PM +00:00 UTC

Loki Episode 1 & 2 Runtime CONFIRMED

The God of Mischief will be back again in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in his very own canon series and just as everyone couldn't just get more excited, Loki Episode 1 and 2's runtime is already confirmed! Are you ready for the trickster's new adventure?

Loki has been in the MCU for quite some time since the introductory film of Thor where he was known for being a frost giant from Jotunheim that Odin took and adopted, cared for, and trained. He has been given the moniker of the God of Mischief for his tricks and schemes and has been known for his troubles throughout the films he has been on, even responsible for the Avengers teaming up for the first time.


His very own series will be following the plot of him having to deal with the Time Variance Authority for escaping with the tesseract while the Avengers went back in time to supposedly borrow the stone if not for Loki taking it with him to evade imprisonment. To note, Loki from this time is fresh from being Earth's villain after he sent the Chiaturi army to New York.

By his escape, he unknowingly altered the time stream and could make a branched timeline, that's when the TVA comes in to apprehend him. He will be facing either face deletion or something of a greater threat. What that is, it's up for us to find out in the upcoming series of Loki.

How long is the runtime of Loki Episode 1?

For the premiere episode of Loki, it is said that it will be around 51 minutes long, possibly including the credits which will surely be amazing as well considering that the credits of these series of Marvel have significance. Loki has, by far, the longest runtime for the first episode considering that including the credits, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier had 49 minutes, and WandaVision only had 26 minutes.


How long is the runtime of Loki Episode 2?

The second episode of Loki will reportedly have a longer runtime of more than three minutes than that of the first, 54 minutes. It seems that Loki will have almost an hour for each of the first two episodes and as teased by the director Kate Herron, Loki will be brought to a very own, unique, and new journey. Considering that the series will be heavy on some explanation as to how time works, it surely justifies the longer runtime.

Loki will have six episodes throughout season 1 which will be released weekly on Disney+ where it will be available on the highest streaming quality, 4K, and there is no news yet as to whether it will be on DVD or Blu-ray.Loki has been given the TV-14 rating.

Loki premieres at 3 AM on the 9th of June, 2021, only on Disney+.

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